God Of War DLC Idea Was “Too Ambitious”

Sony’s PlayStation 4-exclusive God of War launched in April behind rapt praise from critics and commercial success. Some fans might have expected DLC to follow, but that never happened. It remains to be seen if the action game will ever receive any additional content, but what we do know is that game director Cory Barlog pitched a DLC idea that was too ambitious. As a result, this expansion, at least in the way Barlog imagined it, may never see the light of day.

“I had a really fun idea for a DLC that I only regret because I would love to have done that,” Barlog told Kinda Funny. “But it was too ambitious.”

Barlog said it would have been like The Last of Us 1’s Left Behind or Uncharted Lost Legacy releases, which were big enough to warrant their own standalone releases.

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