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Here’s what falling rupee means for telecom companies’ 4G plans

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Kolkata: The price of rupees is at a minimum of 70.09 rupees, instead the imported network used in phone networks can cost gear, which is about Rs 14,000 crores. The use of mobile carriers’ financial stress rate also increases. Analysts said, if the Indian debt slideshow is banned, the Indian currency slide is not arrested fast.

He said that continuous weakness of Indian currency, significantly increasing the annual network gear import bill for Telcoz could significantly increase.

According to telecommunications regulator, the telecommunication equipment of 1400 billion was imported in the financial year 2013, and if it requires the same quantity of import, especially to strengthen the testus with 4G infrastructure. With the value of imported telecom gear can reach up to 140 rupees. In the financial year 19 billion (Rs 14,000 crores), already with more than 10% rupees compared to the US dollar, “Telecom Expert and Director (Research) in Cricket told Hitler, ET.

Phone companies are admitting that at least 80% of network gear requires network gear such as foreign vendors such as Ericone, Nokia, Eve, Samsung and ZTE.

The Mainline Telecom Gear used in mobile networks includes basic network systems, radio equipment such as base-based stations, mobile switching centers, network management systems, billing systems and transmission devices.

In addition, analysts said that the accident of a rupee compared to Haliback, if the earliest is not arrested, telecom’s foreign debt expenses can also increase as the 30 percent of Telecom Sector’s $ 7.7 The billions of dollars depend on the dollar.

He said that if heavy equilibrium, possible in the current volume, could potentially be dangerous if the Indian currency remains weak, although in the leadership of Sunil Mantal, Telco dismisses such concerns while saying “foreign exchange. The loan is often held overseas, foreign exchange invoices, and thus economically crowded “.

“If the rupee continues, the heavy ATL may be affected by the weakness of a market through a mark-up market in a short time after September,” said Executive VP (Markets and Corporate Affairs) in IIFL. Increase durability “.

Another global brokerage analyst, who wanted to nominate, points out that “Airtel is still a very viable foreign debt, and has increased the risk of financial stress and high non- The highest inflation levels can be seen in the currency exchange. If the budget persists, the unpaid networks supply salary “.

However, the spokesperson of Bhutto recently decided to “any substance effects of conversion rate”, and said that “the loan of Rs. 1.03 lakh crore” is at Rs.

In response to ET’s questions, “Airtel also adhere to a reliable handling policy, where a particular part of any foreign exchange risk, including foreign exchange loans, is lost at all times. ”

Press Time, Vodafone India, Audiha and Releases Geo did not answer the questions of ET.

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