Here’s why every startup must have an ontime attendance software

Discipline is very vital. When you are in the business world, punctuality, discipline, passion and dedication matters even more. Merely keeping a track of in and out time isn’t enough, it is necessary for you as an employer to know when are the employees coming and leaving. Moreover, not keeping a check on the work hours can also drain the productivity of your organization. In turn, this will impact profits adversely.

If you have not installed an ontime attendance software, here are the top five reasons you must do so.

  1.  To stop wasting everyone’s time- When there is no software to track time in place, employees are mostly expected to get their in and out timings written in the register which is mostly maintained by the guard on the main entrance gate. Clearly, this is less reliable and time-consuming. The attendance is taken into consideration for payroll calculation at the end of every month. Either the HR team ends up wasting time or the manager and employees in consolidating their working days, non-working days, leaves, the days they worked from home etc. However, when software to maintain the data is deployed a lot of time and effort is saved.
  2. To switch to an automated and accurate solution- No matter which method you are using to keep a track on employee attendance, no other method can be as immaculate as the ontime attendance software. When integrated with biometric, employees or employers don’t need to do anything. Whoever comes whenever punches in with his fingerprints. The software records the punch in his data. The first and last punch data tells the total working hours and the raw punches throughout the day tell the number of breaks an employee has taken.
  3. To save money and eliminate time theft- When employees know that their attendance is recorded manually, they tend to do time theft. For instance, they may come late to the office but ask their colleague to write their name in the register. Moreover, for the days they were absent, they can even claim that they have worked from home and hence must be paid. However, when you will use an ontime attendance software, no employee would be able to make false claims. This will save money. You will know if their leave is paid or unpaid.
  4. To welcome discipline and order in office- When employees will be monitored by an ontime attendance software, they will be more disciplined. When they will know that coming very late to the office can lead to a reduction in the salary amount that they will receive by the end of the month, they will strive to come to office timely and leave only after their work hours have been completed.

Apart from the aforementioned points, there are many other reasons as well to use ontime attendance software. If you are falling short of time, you can take the help of the internet to search for the software and see the demos.

Amit Sharma is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. He is working with Appzdevelopment. In his professional life, he has written many useful articles on Android Development, iOS development, and many more.