History of Angular Js

Fingerprints and vue.js. Apart from the best SPA (single page applications) is known as one of the development solutions. It started almost 10 years ago and then it has gone through a lot of adjustments. The first version of the framework was found as Col. JS, which started in the year 2009 and thus founded the Front End app development.

AngularJS was built when Dwarko Misko Hevery started working on a special-party project and later he formed AngularJS. Misko made a framework to handle the lack of HTML, which was previously different from the ideas and best practices of other libraries. The viewpoint was an interactive approach to viewpoint viewpoint because its features made Misko very popular among other web developers.

AngularJS indicates the 1.x and 2.x version of the framework, known as coccular. During its early days, Kocherer was not only the framework but he also presented some of the best ways and qualities that made him very popular. After a few months of popularity among the other frames, he encountered Google who understood the ability to qualify by his team. Thus, due to a large company sponsor of Google, the coccuper became more popular.

Before the arrival of Konon in the market or its early days, it was not easy to manage larger bundle sizes compared to other libraries, and there was some performance issues in the framework that most people felt. There were many deficiencies in the framework that does not make AngularJS a more successful framework. In the framework of the finger template template was working very well and it was Vue.js. Was adopted. (v-if-ng-if, v-model-ng-model) architecture, while chaos hijack loop system limits its performance.

Some fingers in the fingers JS came as a great motivation, which forced it to re-write the entire framework. The corner shift detection system was unexpected because of which Google developers wanted to re-write the framework and thus the developers started using very powerful libraries. Developers of Cocoker also introduced some unique features such as auto (initial time), trees, and many others. Although HTML (hypertext markup language) and typewriting code are converted into javascript at the time of its building, while increasing the application rapidly by adding trees, removal of additional imports for bootstraping and small effects. Is.
In the corner, the CLI has been introduced that new projects have the ability to start, skeleton generate, and have the ability to create the server’s application, so it is now a very easy tool for developers. In addition, the corner also provides some simple mechanisms that are to deal with the browser’s history. Because of these mechanisms, it is very easy to handle url changes directly from user interactions or handle brows / previous browsers. After entering a kernel app, there is an abstract path, which can then be set to the URLRouterProvider for the default route. We can also control the browser’s history through the HTML5 History API and Connon’s location service.

In AngularJS, the latest version started in June 2015. AngularJS’s first version was 1.3.16 while AngularJS’s latest version is 1.4.0. AngularJS is one of the highest transmission javascript MVC (MVVM) frameworks. About 6 years ago, the boat team developed a plug-in for Google Chrome browser named Twitter, which was primarily designed for debugging web applications. There is no extension compatibility after the release of the Konon. Corner versions 1.2 and above do not support Internet Explorer version 6 or 7, while 1.3 and later versions of AngularJS are compatible with Internet Explorer 8.

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