History of the Computer – Computers and Technology

History of the Computer – Computers and Technology

Computer plays important role in people’s day, especially in workplace, schools and even at home. Twenty-century numbers were the age of many technical development, aimed at improving the lives of people. The computer helps them to become more efficient.

Computer technology in banking

Technology has made our life easier and comfortable, for example, our banking needs. Already people need to manually maintain important customer data. But now, in just one click, they’ll be able to quickly find all the users’ data. Users are able to login to the bank’s website and learn about their account transactions. In addition, it is possible to apply for a loan by online.

Computer technology improvement

Computer technology has made our lifestyle better than ever. Due to the emerging Internet and technology, the world has sprinkled in the global village. Although the growth in the Internet produces new challenges like computer problems and virus threats, computer technology makes it easier for antivirus software to overcome these problems.

Computer in the food industry

Food processing units have many challenges to automation and computerization if they use damaging effects of nearby water on any computer system. Most food processing units prefer waterproof computers so that their computer system should be saved from the drawing in the production area.

Computer in the medical field

The hospital is an important organization and a computer is used for the management of the hospital. In recent days accounting, salary and stock system have been computerized. We use different types of medicines, divisions, and different wards through computers. Even after entering the symptoms of the patient, this disease can be diagnosed. In addition, different computerized devices are used in laboratories for different blood tests.

Computer in agriculture

Today the agriculture industry is also using computers. Before analyzing a few years ago, 44 ​​percent of the people in Ohio are using computers for different purposes. In 1991, only 32 percent of the farmers were using it. It shows that there is a huge increase in the use of computers in farmers. As a source of Internet communication, most people use this to process transaction or to retrieve information. An analysis shows that 80% of the total surveyed farmers are using the Internet.

Computer education

Geographically, many trends of education are faced by new trends. In order to combat all these challenges, technology in information technology is very important. It is imperative that the student is aware of the concept and use of information technology to equip them for a future job market. Similarly, faculty can get better quality in teaching methods. Computer technology has developed in many fields. Her strong development has created a huge impact in almost all the fields and thus has led a new era.


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