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Balance is easily commercialized in creative, use and performance, but the hit field is an inspired software package that is full of features, and enjoys with animated website, entertainment training videos are offered. Is.

For the last two years, we have selected Hitfield Express as the best free video application for Mac and Windows. Recent upgrade keys serve the new features of the new features, many of which have trickled with the version of the Little Field.

Along with adding more Pro Features, HitFilm Express allows you to buy additional starter packs that were already limited to the Pro version. This reasonable price additionally serves – to enhance or modify specific projects like 3D models import and render, 3D particle simulator, depth of 16 bit color and more. If you do not consider the program as a reader interface, HitFilm Express is a great free video editor.

Editor’s Note (December 2018): We have updated notes in September with the notes on how to improve this review since the release of Hit فیلم Express 9.

What is new

December 2018: There are 11 minor minor bug fixes of Hit فیلم Express. Haft فیلم is a list of all the fixes.

November 2018: The offer of the version 10.1 font of Hitfield Express has increased, the length of transitions increases by more than five seconds.

September 2018: The main updates editor includes animation, animation, enhanced preview options, a new layout panel, better masking in comprehensive shots, additional workshops and new export features.View more best video editing softwares that are Hitfilm Express alternatives. You can use them for free, make basic video editing, add visual effects, work with audio, and save in the format you need.

Timeline animation and keyframing

There is an important feature in the Composite Shots Remove field, you have to create only one timeline for special effects, animations and motion graphics (which you can apply to your main video). It works to prevent layered effects instead of instantly integrating the linear timeline.

The new update directly access animation devices in the timeline editor. In the past, you can only perform animfiring animation in a mixture, which forced you to move between two modes. Without exit the update editor makes you more intuitive to make easy animations by displaying a new animation timeline.

Motion dust for objects and composite clips – Another timeline enhancement – allows you to create parameters of movement, without composite mixture.

Preview quality

Updated Express allows you to add quality options to many viewers, including custom playbacks and pauses, which make playback very snapperier and specially presented for higher resolution video. Helps to break off the interval. The new selection includes playback quality, playback resolution, prevention and prevention solutions, with every choice of four or less choices.

This feature is very easy to use and easy to use, but if you have a very high quality, playback can add you to your video, which has special effects in the image like their image or animated text. You can hide, and you do not see the effects of your surprise.

If you want to see everything, in your clip, the balance quality with speed. Even with short clips, there is a marked difference in the speed between the final and the fastest playback and the Antialiased and the quarterly solution. The Option menu now lets you choose a preview of a fullscreen preview as well as watch the preview on other surveys.

New layout panel

Updated and extended workshops in the latest version of Hit فیلم Express provide you new options for setting and configuring items in your view and working on various types of projects. The new version includes 360-degree video, audio, colorist, and organizational works, focusing on your duties only, eliminating panel collections.

The new layout panel lets you easily customize your elements within elements and elements, such as text or an entry picture. It gives you exactly the elements that you want with those controls where you distribute or distribute objects around your canvas. Do not look more

A complaint is that the layout panel is not a default part of the editing workshop, and when you choose to add it, it is a huge window that integrates the poor with the rest editing workpoints. To determine whether you can alter or flatten it or better, select all panels for more panel integration or select working workers.


Republican Impact Widgets

When you have special effects in HitFilm, you can control it with a slider or a digital menu. The new version provides another, and graphical method that is to adjust the effects in the viewer. Select only one effect, and the control will appear automatically, and you will always be able to adapt to this viewer.
Better masking in composite shots

Even though new versions of the HitFilm Express provide more functionality to Timeline Editor, the musician still loves something, because the timeline is very good for simple effects, the composer is more important for work.Applying and modifying the mask directly into the viewer using new features for overall shots. It is easy to modify mask forwarding election points.

Effects of behavior

If you are adding motion graphics to your videos, three new effects provide you with an easy way to move elements without tadium to keep multiple keyframes. High speed, gravity and throwing are highly recommended by their names. The speed allows you to adjust the speed in which the element runs on your canvas, as well as what it is going on. As you might suspect, gravity goes in one direction: down. The ball is thrown like a throw, so that wherever you want. You can combine gravity sharp or throwing methods.

Export update

HitFilm now lets you export your movie into a background when you continue to work in the module module. On the edit screen, the “Export” word now appears, so you should not be able to figure out which small icon will export to your clip. HitFilm has also reproduced the export module by adding two new panels: Project and Preview.

This project panel helps you view editor timeline and overall shots, and you add them to the row instead of changing them to the editing panel. The preview window file information displays, such as frame rate and size, inside and out points, and duration.

The best part is that you do not have to wait until the exports are finished to continue the other clips. Seeing the preview of your preview is just helpful to handle export functions only in one panel, without dominating the editing process.

Starter Pack Extra

We provided HitFilm Express as the best free video editor, some of the new features, such as timeline-based text effects and image-effects in the image, as available for just $ 9.99 as a Starter Pack. Is. We have checked some of these additional features, for the cost of a soybean, you have the capabilities that make it even more powerful, especially for newcomers. However, we have just set HitFilm’s free features in our overall rating.

One of the most useful features of Starter Pack is a module that helps you to add text effects to the timeline directly. (Otherwise, you have to create a composite shot.) A popup menu allows you to type in the text you want. You can treat it like any other text by fonts font, color, flurry, line distance, mixture and more.

A series of changes that include position and rotation, are available to increase dynamic text effects. In text control, you can also move any text to the frame, or quickly sort sub articles or labels.

Using the clip, you may find difficult to see the angle view, which allows you to move the text around the different parts of the scene.

A quick image in the Starter Pack includes the image effect, so you can get a clip on the canvas a different clip on different points.

Everyone who is shooting vertical video using their smartphone knows it looks like horizontal. The HitFilm vertical video video feature takes the original video and fills horizontal space in the background, to eliminate these ugly black bars.


Like the 2017 version, HitFilm can run more than 2012 computers, but the app works better with Disco Graphics Card. I was running Windows 10 Home with the 2.2-GHz Intel Core I5-5200U Processor, a HD Graphics 5500 GPU and 8GB RAM on the HitFilm Express Version 9 HP Specter X360.

To test its performance, I provided five frames with a 2.5-minute video shot in 60 frames per second and 720p MPEG 4 projects. I performed both 30 FPS and 60 FPS.

HitFilm, who was in slow actors in the recent video round-up, did not improve its export times with version 9. This app still remains behind the competition in 30 fps and 60 fps, 5:09 minutes and 8:42 minutes. In order to export my test clip. The 30 FPS rate was about 2017, while the rate of 60 fps was sharp. Compares with the speed of the Monster shot kit, where I recorded a speed of 30 fps at 2:15 pm and 60 FPS on similar windows systems in 3:14. HitFilm runs fluidly on a variety of users and pro level levels, and otherwise is generally calm and responsive for more practical tasks.

If you upgrade

You can still use HitFilm Express 4 and 2017 (technically, version 5), but if you are currently using version 8 or later versions of Hit Express Express, you can download the brand new app without any new version. Can load Your previously preserved or purchased effects, presets, workshops and cash will be operational. The projects created in the first version can be loaded into new software, but you can not run new projects in the old version.

Bottom line

The HitFilm Express is a solid upgrade, it offers improvements and new features that enhance existing features and add new ones that make video editing easier and more intuitive.

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