How Can Wireless Hidden Cameras Impact Business Performance?

The use of hidden cameras like spy cameras and other surveillance video / audio systems like nanny cam can potentially manage business performance team and also in the overseeing and tracking of organizations data.

The modern world we live in today is not safe; this is why the use of surveillancespy cameras in your business may sometimes be a necessity. The upcoming rise of this spying technology has made it easy to curb all patterns of controversies that arise in a workplace; such controversies may range from financial to physical. With a surveillance network system in place, employees and customers tend to co-operate better in a business environment since knowing any discrepancy will be quickly detected. Because of all these, there have been positive reviews of the use of these tracking systems and such is the reason why we need to discuss some of the areas where the positive reviews are coming from.

 Environmental Control Assistance

Power consumption in data centers is a global problem. No wonder there is always a system that offers a rigorous methodology for the measurement of the power efficiency of storage systems under typical data center conditions.

Data centers houses the engine of a business, it’s no surprise why company owners work hard to protect them. We are all familiar with the integration of network cameras with access control systems to visually verify who is actually using the credentials. Network camera adds another dimension and timeliness to flood management by helping respondents inspect and discover the cause of a trigger remotely.

However,there is another aspect to protecting data centers known as environment control. Data centers need to maintain optimum humidity and temperature for the racks of electronics. When environmental sensors in the facility detect outlandish activities, technicians can remotely command a network spy camera to zoom in on the gauges and help them determine whether adjustment might be necessary.

The combination of Wi-Fi spy cameras with other sensors in the data center can provide visual confirmation of other conditions as well. For instance, every time a data rack door opens, a close sensor detects it and triggers the camera to pan to the location and stream video to security. Some data centers make use of weight sensors at the doorway to weigh personnel and equipment as they enter the room and when they exit to ensure no additional hardware is being taken out of the facility or left inside without permission. Any inappropriateness would signal the camera to zoom in for a close-up of the individual’s face and send a visual alert and IDthe information to security.

 Roadway Management And Parking Assistance

Wireless hidden cameras and dash cams have long played a part in citywide traffic control and management. Adding video analytics and integration with network sensors, makes spy cameras much smarter and resourceful. Surveillance cameras can detect cars driving in bike lanes or driving in the wrong direction and capture license plates of road offenders. Their ability to detect anomalous traffic flow patterns can be integrated with car counting sensors, networked electronic road signs and traffic light systems to automatically redirect vehicles to alternate routes.

They make great, intelligent parking lot attendants too. Working together with weight sensors network cameras can count vehicles coming into and leaving a lot or garage and verify when the facility has reached capacity. License plate recognition and dash cams can be used to discover that a vehicle entering a reserved parking space does not match the credentials and vehicle attributes in the database of a company or business place.

With the addition of noise sensors and nanny audio cams, network cameras can improve roadway and parking facility safety by detecting and identifying specific sounds like breaking of glass, car alarms, gunshots, and aggressive speech which will normally trigger a visual alert to first respondents.

Creating A Better Shopping Experience Assistance

In the early days of online shopping, e-retailers designed their sites to replicate the in-store customer experience. In an ironic turn of events, today brick-and-mortar stores are trying to copy the online shopping experience. To do so, they are turning their security systems into an attachment sales assistance. With network video and spy camera audio system automation, they can recognize and acknowledge loyal customers with personal greetings. Retailers are applying people counting video analytics to checkout activity to ensure staffs abide by all rules for consistency in customer service.

With these surveillance systems, they can measure how much time a customer spends in a specific department or observe how they walk through the aisles of the store. They can track shopping behaviors such as items looked at that made it into the cart or didn’t, or whether a customer actually checked out or left the merchandise behind. By capturing these shopping patterns and trends retailers can shape a more positive, more profitable customer shopping experience.

For instance, integrating video analytics with point of sale systems and RFID sensors or nanny cams on merchandise tags can result in timely alerts to sales associates to recommend additional merchandise. This is a case of emulating how retailers let the customer know that other customers who bought an item often also purchased other items similar. Or to avoid disappointing customers due to stock outages, retailers are linking weight sensors and video analytics to make sure their shelves are well-stocked and if not, quickly alert associates to what items need to be restocked.

Capturing Business Intelligence

Most retailers today are using spy cameras to monitor checkout queues and trigger automated announcements over the public address system, and closed system such as Smartphone or other wireless communications.

Today, business owners are applying people counting video analytics to checkout activity to create a norm consistency in customer service. While retailers will always use their surveillance camera for loss prevention, they are finding that integrating traditional technology in new ways like the use of nanny cam with audio-can to yield even bigger returns.

Linking network video surveillance, video analytics, network communications system and sensors with point-of-sale systems and customer loyalty databases, retailers are capturing the business intelligence they need to get back in the game and make the in-store business a greater overall experience than online shopping.

Author Bio – Junaid Ali Qureshi

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