How Much Does a Pool Add to the Sale Price of a House

A swimming pool is a difficult home feature to consider in terms of increasing value. As real estate agents will attest, a swimming pool is a plus to some homeowners and buyers. However, others may disregard a pool because of safety issues and the cost of maintenance involved. 

How do pools add value? 

There are two main types of swimming pools installation; in-ground pools and above ground pools. Even though in-ground pools are expensive and take time to install, they are the only way to add any value on your property. These pools are installed into the ground of your garden. 

On the other hand, above ground pools are shipped as kits and assembled on the ground. In most cases, they are made of plastics and metal enforcements. While some may be expensive, some may not add any value to the property. 

Why your property should feature a swimming pool? 

It is very difficult to indicate how featuring a swimming pool will get you a fair price for your home. In addition, a pool is a personal investment and there are numerous reasons for wanting and not wanting them. 

While you may have accrued the initial upfront cost, most buyers are aware of the maintenance expenses involved. For instance, there are chemicals used to keep the pool clean and utility bills to run the pumps and heater. Nevertheless, experts indicate that a well marketed in-ground pool can significantly boost the value of your house. 

When do pools boost the value? 

In the real estate industry, location is a very important factor to consider. Location plays a crucial role in guaranteeing buyer interest in a house with a pool. Places with warmer climates like Dubai are ideal marketplaces for houses with swimming pools. Experts insist that the style of the pool should match the house and the surrounding property. It should be proportionate with the available space. 

Special target market

When marketing a house with a pool for sale, it is important to know the target buyers. Pools are desirable to high-end buyers than mid-range buyers. Also, while some families with kids may consider a swimming pool, others may not want it due to maintenance and safety issues.
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