How To Buy The Best 3D Optical Measurement Equipment

Buying 3D optical measurement equipment requires going through a dynamic business which specializes in this pioneering industry. 3D printing has not been around very long but it has seen some progressive steps being taken to get the customer the high accuracy scans and ultra-high resolution measurements.

The cost-effective manner of 3D equipment manufacturing is down to an industry-winning formula. It uses contactless systems: GOM, ATOS, and TRITOP. At Physical Digital, the UK’s biggest service provider of 3DSL (3D Structured Light Processing), it uses qualified engineers to deliver objects in-house or on-site.

The qualified engineering team works with the client from the start of the project right through until the end. The key elements of Physical Digital’s concept include:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality inspection
  • Precision design
  • Fast prototyping
  • All components fully tested
  • An ability to work with clients across the EU and the beyond.

Physical Digital is the longest established business in the 3D scanning service sector. The staff at the business stem from industry sectors like Architecture, Medicine, the Arts, Fuel Commodities, Auto, Aerospace and Aviation Engineering.

A dedicated team will work through a project with the client and fully understand all the requirements needed in 3D optical measurement equipment building.

Services Offered By Physical Digital

3D Scanning

Let’s face it: when your data is accurate it will help improve productivity, increase profits and make the business run more smoothly. 3DSL is fast – really fast. It is also highly cost-effective and produces a digital format of an actual object.

Automated Measurement

Physical Digital offers a dynamic suite of 3DSL using the best equipment the industry has to offer.

Quality Inspection

All products are fully tested over and over again to ensure they deliver the accuracy demanded by industry.

Reverse Engineering

3D Scanners are indispensable printers. They are used throughout the entire process of a product’s life. 3D Scanning for reverse engineering has become more popular in recent years. This is down to precision and its user-friendly engineering.

Examples of Reverse Engineering Technology

A scale 3D replica of a Formula One car was made in Birmingham in 2017. This was a pioneering achievement and showed us the huge advances in this field of technology.

As with any object or product, the original is scanned and all the data is collated into the scanner’s technological bank. At Physical Digital you can rely on the scanner having the most innovative technology to produce such startling results.

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