Yes, it is true that PLC programming engineers are some of the most wanted professions for the third decade of the 21st century. The RS Logix 500 is one of the most notable software in the business.See the official page from Rockwell Automation here.

If you’re one of the engineers or better said programmers that are interested in using this software, then you’re probably wondering where to find the best download for this software. Not all the places are legit and legal. You need to know how to find something like this.

This article is going to show you exactly what needs to be done to be perfectly sure that you’re getting the best version. What needs to be done to be sure that you’re going to get the ultimate download that supports all the features you will need later during the use of this program. Follow up if you want to know more about this common problem among PLC engineers.

First, try the search engines

If you open the internet and type in the web sites of any search engine, you will notice that the options in life are endless. Just write in what you need and what you think will be the best match for getting the ultimate best result.

Let’s say that you’ve typed in RS Logix 500 download. You’ll notice that there are thousands of results. You can’t go over all of them, right? Of course not.

What you need to do is understand which source out of the many is reliable or not, but this is the place where you start your research. Let’s say that you have 10 results and they all seem completely fine.

The first thing you need to know here is that they are absolutely not all fine. Some of these locations are actually frauds, scams, and viruses. How can you be sure about their reliability? Simple, all you need to know here is what some of the most reliable brands for the software that you’re searching for are.

For example, if you’re looking for the concrete software, you know that it is made for the Allen Bradley logic controller, which is a part of the Rockwell Automation brand. These are the places where you can look for the software, but the thing is that these places are often too expensive and there’s no need for something like this.

What you need to do here is find an alternative. The alternative can happen to be a scam, so you need to know if it is or if it’s not.

Some of the places where you can find this program are web sites where people offer instructions and services connected to these features. The problem here is, there are many of them, but how are you going to know who is the best?

How to choose the best instructor?

This is a matter of preference but it is also something that is a matter of ranking. There are different kinds of levels for start. The beginners will need the first level, but those who are already skilled will need another level.

Why is this important? Because the different levels require different software. You can’t look for a certain software in a place where people go to learn a different level of what you’re looking for. This might seem like not logical to some, but actually, like all businesses, certain people cover one field, while others cover something else.

When it comes to the software we’re talking about here, there are more web sites providing this service. If you want to know who’s best for downloading it, you need to know who’s best for providing the after-download services for the same program.

With that being said, you need to find the one person who will be best in what they do. You need to find the one instructor who will be ranking the highest among the students on the internet.

For this, you need to go to some of the many websites where courses are ranked and see who’s the best among them is. These places are going to show you a lot of details that you might have missed or simply didn’t see.

Check out what people think about different courses and with it, you’ll understand who’s the best choice for you. It’s important to consider other factors such as ranking. For example, is always ranking high and you know you can’t go wrong if you pickthis one.

But how are the software and the instructors connected? They are because downloading through them, means that you’re going to have all the needed help while working afterward. This program is not a piece of cake and not everyone is capable of working on it. You’ll most certainly have a bunch of issues that you’ll spend days solving unless you have the proper help.


With everything being said, you understand that downloading through some of these places means getting the best possible help after you paid for the software. When you find difficulty in solving a problem, you know where to turn.

If you get it through someone who’s not skilled as you’d want them to be, then the problem will be that you won’t get the proper help. The best instructors will cover your problems at all times.