How To Frame A Perfect Social Media Marketing Campaign

The mediums meant for transferring or conveying information are aplenty but not every existing medium is said to be effective. Communication barriers cannot be eliminated entirely but surely can be improved to an extent. The need for visual content arose after countless social media sites emerged. The world we are living in itself is not slowing down with new advancements so people prefer information mediums that get information across quickly and that can be done only through visual content.

Social media sites depend upon digital content that is mostly visual such as images and videos. Soon textual content will be outdated as the potential of memorability is more in animations, videos, and pictures. The importance of visualization and digital media to form marketing campaigns and strategies cannot simply be set aside.

Social Media Marketing and Visual Content

The entire essence of social media marketing is to get as visual as you can. Without visual content such as graphic design or videos, social media holds almost no purpose. You can come up with extensive paragraphs of useful information but it will not be read by a greater amount of people. Those who use social media are used to viewing videos and pictures so much that text no longer leaves a good impression on their minds.

The only way to capture the attention of your audience is to keep them engaged and the options for making sure you do are several. Some still prefer to stick to pictures while some have added live action or animated videos to the branding and marketing campaigns they come up with. Now that you have set the plan you have devised for your marketing campaign, the next and final step is to select a befitting visual content type to shape your marketing strategy further.

You have some of the most useful and effectual options. Here are some of the types of visual content that can be fully utilized for framing and molding your marketing campaign across social media.

Graphics and Illustration

Since social media and networking platforms depend upon visual content the most, it would not make sense if graphics or illustrations were not used to form a marketing campaign on social media. The purpose of marketing itself is to look unique from the rest or your competition. That can be done in many ways but textual content does not hold the same impact as the best illustration styles that you can use for branding and marketing.

Animated Videos

If you are more focused on user engagement and interaction with potential customers then there is nothing better than animated videos. Videos tend to keep the viewer engaged but the only requisite for it is to be appealing, interesting and composed with a great storyline. If the video does not comply with any of the mentioned factors then it is not going to leave a memorable impression.

Captions and Quotes

Another possible and effective use of media is through catchy captions and quotes. Using a quote that fits with the post you have shared on your social media channel is going to be memorable. It will not be because the quote was interesting or touching but what matters is the proper use of the quote on the right post. The value and vision you and your brand uphold can be portrayed through the best and fitting quote that you can find for it.

Presentations and Slides

While this content type is shown in the form of a video but it is a bit different since it is more like a presentation you would have created on Microsoft Presentation Maker. This is a good selection for branding as in a few slides; you can easily convey everything about your business, ranging from its propositions to the services or products it is offering.


Animated content or digitally created photos are easier to make and these do not even consume a lot of your budget. However, to give your brand a more human-like presence, real-life photos can work as well. This is mostly related to showing your company culture and everything that goes while your employees spend time at the workplace.