How To Gmail update: How to get the old Gmail back again

The Gmail update has taken a new layout. If you do not like a new design, how does it go to classic Gmail?
It’s all going on soon too fast. Why the world will not only slow down? Or better yet, why the world will not stop going ahead and stay on the way, as I like it. Updates and re-layouts have started taking spring from my step. I’m seeing you Gmail.

First of all, it looks like all the trendy trousers and modern Reddit again. This is not the same. Then I was starting to start this important change in my life, Gmail followed him. Well, I’m taking a stand. I’m going back on the way. The way he should be. I’ll make Gmail very good again. If someone else wants to get an old GM return, follow me, this is to do this.


Now, at least, Google maintains the old Gmail design. This means that if we do not like Gmail updates, we can go back to classic Gmail mail design. In addition, when we come back, Google will ask us why we do not want them to be new. We all can say here, try to be humble.


Click on the Kuger icon in the right hand over the page to get Gmail to re-open the good old Gmail design. This will open a menu and at the top right, you will get the option to go back to classic Gmail. Kill it and Google wants to go back to your Gmail design and update your old Gmail layout. Answer if you want, but if you just leave it and do not return to classic Gmail settings and now meet your life for you.


Google set a time to migrate from an old Gmail design. According to Google’s scheduled schedule, October, everyone will be moved to the Gmail Update. Google has clearly stated that those who have updated to Gmail lose their ability to update. Yet no one will be forced to upload a new Gmail design and you will not have the ability to opt out.

It looks like the classic GM is counted on the days of goodness. It’s time to keep things on Google by keeping things we like them, or is it?



Remember the survey, remember that Google will ask you because you do not want to use the new Gmail design. If you do not really like GM updates, it might be the last chance to save the classic Gmail design. Tell Google that you like a new old Gmail setting. If this is enough of us, maybe Google will not be plugged to the classic Gmail Mailout which we all know and love. In mind, possibly remember the most important trick in this article. Try to be polite OLD GMAIL BACK AGAIN.