How to Recover Data after Installing New Windows?

Windows data recovery

Summary – This blog takes you through the process of recovering data that you lost after installing the new Windows on your system. The process is explained in a stepwise manner so that you can carry out the process on your own effortlessly!

There could be varied reasons for you to install and reinstall the new Windows operating system on your system. For instance, the slowness of your system, Windows OS not booting up, corruption issues in the hard disk, crash in the system, upgrading Windows to a higher version, to name a few. Therefore, when you reinstall Windows on your computer, you could be benefited in a number of ways such as being able to fix the errors on your PC, remove the risk of the system crash, have a new and better OS, etc. However, all these come with a great cost. The major drawback is that you might lose all of your crucial data. In such situations, it becomes an absolutely necessary to recover all your data that you lost after installing Windows on your PC. But what is the efficient and secure way to do so? Let’s find out!

Recovering Data after Installing Windows

As we discussed earlier, installing and reinstalling Windows leads to loss of data. This, indeed, is one of the most disadvantageous effects of this process. Well, there still is a ray of hope. The data can still be recovered as they are not permanently deleted from the hard disk, but they simply become invisible and hence inaccessible. What happens is that the file table gets modified and the spaces are marked free and available for new file storage. Here, the shortcoming is that you did not back up your data before installing the new Windows.

When you do not have a proper backup, the best way to recover your lost data is by using a comprehensive data recovery software. However, exercise the following once you realize that you have lost your data:

  • Stop using your system immediately
  • Do no install or uninstall any programs
  • Do not open or close any file or program
  • Do not write any data on the HDD of your PC

Note – These will help you prevent overwriting of data on the hard disk of the system and upsurge the chance of complete data recovery after installing and reinstalling new Windows OS.

Comprehensive Windows Data Recovery Software

There are many data recovery programs that offer comprehensive data recovery solution for data lost due to the installation of new Windows. However, Stellar Windows Data Recovery is the one utility that can enhance your experience to the next level. The first and the foremost reason being, it provides a relatively easier interface with effective results. It is an unmatched quality software!

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and configure Stellar Data Recovery Standard software as a first step. Then run the tool and choose the data type which you want to recover. Once you have selected the data type click “Next” button. After this you will see the select drive location option, select the drive from which you want to recover your data and click on “Scan” button.

stellar data recovery standard

Step 2: Once the scanning of the selected volume gets over, the tool will give a preview of the recoverable files in three modes – File Type, Tree View, and Deleted List. This is an advantage that the tool offers to its users to recover their lost data. The preview of the recoverable files is shown in the image displayed below.

Select Location

Preview of Recoverable files

Step 3: Select the files that you wish to recover and click on the Recover icon located at the bottom right corner of the tool’s interface. Finally, select a destination by browsing to save the selected files. Next, click on OK to close the software as shown in the image below:

Save Recovered Files

The Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the working of Stellar Data Recovery Standard software, you can use it to recover data that you lost access to after you installed the new Windows on your PC. It should be your first option in all cases of data loss in Windows as it offers several useful features and benefits. You need not worry about the file type, data size, Windows version, or file system type. The reason being it supports 300 file type, 2TB data, all Windows version, and all the three file systems that are NTFS, FAT, and ExFAT. Last but not the least, it recovers data without any changes to its structure.

Thus, Stellar Data Recovery for Windows is a sure shot software!

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