How to recover facebook password?

How to recover facebook password?

Facebook one of the most popular and the leading social networking site where people can meet with their family friends and known and unknown person by sharing, posting and messaging etc. It has billions of user worldwide and increasing the number of user day by day. It not only allows to share photos and videos with friends but it is also a perfect business channel where you can promote your business. The user can access facebook account quickly and they chat with their buddies, known and the unknown people.

Facebook has almost made the word smaller like a small room where you can meet family or friends who live thousands of miles far from you. Every day thousands of Facebook accounts have created worldwide. From college going teens to office goers and from the old man sitting a chair to read the newspaper to a businessman dealing with elite client everyone has a facebook account. It has become a part of life.

It is important to enter email and password to login your account. But the real nightmare begins when you forgot the password. You have tried all the combination of letters but you have failed. It can be an exasperating moment since your facebook account contains all the information and you cannot lose this information at all.

Let us put in your mind, that Facebook allows the user to recover their password. So, you don’t worry I will tell you how to recover your forgotten password.

Steps to recover Facebook password

  • After an unsuccessful attempt, Facebook will show the “Recover Your Account” under the password field. Click on it and go ahead.
  • After clicking on Recover Your Account, a new page will open Now Enter the email address in the email field and click the search button.
  • If it found a result, it shows on the screen. Now click “This is my account”.
  • Now facebook prompt verification. Depending what type of information you have set up that you may see. Choose one of the methods and click continue.
  • After clicking continue button, facebook send a confirmation code to you via email. Now you can click “Click Here To Change Your Password”. Enter your new password and copy and paste the verification code into facebook site. Click on the “Change the Password”.

Using Gmail Login

If you have connected with your google account when you signed up, then you can log into your google account and by the google, you can simply change the password. It is the most effective way to change the password. By this bypasses verification and code send to your mail.

  • Pop up window will appear. Enter email and click next.
  • After that enter the password and click next.
  • A new window will appear asking you for a new password. Now enter the new password and click continue button.

If you have any doubt to recover your account you can contact Facebook Customer Service. They have a well qualified and enough experience to solve user query. You can ask any type of question without any hesitation. They solve it.


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