Before you set up your new iPad from a backup of your previous iPad, make sure to unpair your other apple gadgets from your last iPad. Unpairing will automatically back up the other gadgets that you have removed so that you can transfer it to your new iPad when updating. Follow these steps for before your initiate:

  • Ensure that you already have a backup of your previous device.
  • Have your Apple ID and password ready.
  • Use your previous SIM card or if you wish to use an eSIM then you can contact your carrier.


To set up your new iPad it’s best to make sure it runs on at least iOS 11 or the latest iPadOS. This process requires both devices, your new and old iPad, along with proper internet connection, so make sure you choose a time when you won’t need to use your current device for several minutes.


  • Switch on your previous iPad and place it near your new iPad. Now, the QuickStart screen will appear on your current iPad and will show an option of using your previous Apple ID to set up your new iPad.
  • Insert the Apple ID that you want to use and tap continue. In case you don’t see the option to continue on your current iPad then make sure to turn on the Bluetooth in your current iPad.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds until an animation appears on your new iPad. Hold your thumb on your current’s iPad’s screen over your new iPad’s screen, then use the viewfinder while centering the animation. Wait for a few seconds until you receive a message saying Finish on New (iPad). Also, if you cannot use your current device’s camera, then tap Authenticate Manually and follow the steps that will appear on the screen of your new iPad.
  • Now, enter your current iPad’s passcode on the new iPad that you’re setting up.
  • Read the instructions carefully to set up Face ID or Touch ID on your new iPad.
  • When prompted, carefully add your Apple ID and password on your new iPad. In case you have multiple Apple devices then you might need to enter their passcodes also.
  • Your new iPad will offer you a choice of restoring data, apps, and settings from your recent iCloud backup by updating your current iPad’s backup. After opting the method of backup, you can select whether to transfer some settings i.e. location, Apple Pay, Siri, and privacy.
  • While performing such tasks make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled on both of your iPads.


After transferring your data to your new iPad, you might need to follow a few more steps to finish the process.


Now, use these steps to transfer your iCloud backup to your new device.

  • A “Hello” screen will appear when you turn on your iPad. In case you have already set up your new iPad, you must remove it before jumping to the next step.
  • You need to follow this step until you see the Wi-Fi screen.
  • Insert your trusted Wi-Fi network to join and process further.
  • Then the Apps & Data screen will appear on your iPad. Tap Restore from iCloud Backup to proceed.
  • With your Apple ID and password, sign in to the iCloud.
  • The system will then ask you to choose a backup method. Look properly and select the correct one by checking the date and size of each. In case if the system denied to access it then update to a newer version of iOS.
  • Consider if you have purchased iTunes or App Store content by using multiple Apple accounts, you have to sign in to each. And, if you have forgotten the passwords, you can simply skip the step by tapping “Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it.”
  • Wait for a couple of seconds to stay connected for the restore process to finish then customize the rest of the onscreen setup steps.
  • This process will require your iPad to have a battery life up to 50%, so it’s best to keep your iPad connected to the charger and Wi-Fi as it will allow your music, photos, and apps stored in iCloud to automatically download back in your iPad.


After updating your new iPad, you can start working on your iPad. In case you still need some help with updating your iPad then tap the “learn what to do” option. Or if you cannot understand things then contact Apple Support and you will get a complete guide to transfer data and update your system.

When it’s time to switch your old iPad for a new one, go for an affordable and reliable iPad hire service instead of spending your hard-earned money on an expensive new one.

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