Huawei Phone With 7.12-Inch Display, Leather Back Spotted on TENAA; Another Phone With 6.5-Inch Display Surfaces


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Chinese manufacturer Hovi hopes to add new smartphones to this line line, two of which appear on Chinese Chinese certification site. Interestingly, one of the upcoming smart phones offer behind the leather.

In addition, the listing shows that smartphones will come with a larger display. While large-scale handsets come with a 7.1-inch display and a large 400 megabytes battery while 6.5-inch display of small phone games. Since handsets have already passed their respective certificates in China, they can start more than expected.

According to the listing at TENAA, there will be two varieties with a large spherical smartphone model number ARS-AL00 and ARS-TL00.

There is no significant difference between the model, in addition, the former is a black color different and later it is white. Interested with this, honorable smartphone design, camera status, display resolution (1080×2244 pixels), and dimension can be similar to 8x Max with respect to it. However, the difference is in processor.

While the TENAA listing is not explained that the Council is in the handset, it shows that the various types of projectors are closed at 1.95 GHz, which is slightly higher than Snap Dragon 636 in 8x Max.

Meanwhile, this smartphone is the most prominent feature, as mentioned, it comes behind the leather. In addition, the smartphone makes dual-dimensional setup with 16 megapixel and 2 megapixel sensors and front 8 megapixel cameras. It comes with 4GB RAM and inbuilt storage options are 64GB and 128GB.

The other Huawei Smartphone has been seen on TENAA which is coming on. It comes with handheld model number JKM-AL00 and is expected to be the upgraded version of Huawei Y9. No smartphone name yet. As per the terms of specifications, it plays a 6.5-inch display with a 1080×2340 pixel resolution, dual-drive camera setup, and a SSC on 2.2GHz.

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