I’m Sorry, Status Quo Backup And Recovery Can’t Come To The Phone Right Now

So we are here: We all know that the role of data in today’s business is being developed lightly and the importance of solid backup and maintenance strategy is important. The risk of doing nothing – or maintaining the status – just you have to keep back. And this year at Kuala Lumpur, we are helping to migrate to the past as a backdrop for backup and recovery – because its condition is dead.

Look what you did me

One of the favorite IT finance companies in the Financial IT industry is, “Over the last 10 years, we have decided that today – when we look back – there is no feeling overall.”

So what did these institutions do? Well, many companies have found several software products to manage backups, snapshots, disaster recovery, compliance, laptop backups, etc. All these products include unique indexes, UIs etc. And all the same data needs one or more copies. Therefore, we are facing a model that is not suitable for today’s environment. How?

Many copies of the same data (making $$$ load on the basic infrastructure requirements)
Affiliate the policies to the infrastructure (making it difficult for modern infrastructure)
Impossible Sync Regulatory Compliance (GDP – Argh)
Nextly, by trying to solve the growing demand for data, now you have to drive elastic flexibility and performance risk at the highest cost.

In commits, we believe that legacy approaches are not maintaining speeds with complex data challenges that companies face today. And today, more than that, you need to keep your data safe, secure and available, with genuine innovation in backup and recovery.

Another day, another play
But not for me, I thought of all (backup) work

good news? You can set yourself on the right track. With Commvault you can interface almost every storage system, the nature of data (physical, virtual, cloud) and business environment in your environment while we can safeguard and operate the business. Only CWudt has a wide range of support in cloud storage providers, hackers, storage platforms, snapshot engines and enterprise applications. Read our own Don Foster’s blog about our capabilities.

Here’s another example: how much is not enough as backup: we all know that backups need to be backed up, but do you know that command dot you have data drop event Can help offer We have prepared a report of maintenance – which brings a new level of awareness about your recovery efforts. Quotort software can analyze and analyze your results and requirements for your operational data, recovery points and time goals, and then create a report that you are in the event of how you are ready. . Learn more about this exciting development.

So, here you will experience the GO

You can find out more about backup and maintenance jobs of industry-based data. Cambodore GO (October 9-11, 2018 in Nashville, Tan).

Kuala Lump brings experts, partners, influences and a wide range of customer’s systems in a deeply interesting and entertaining environment. Combined Commodity ™ with combined out-of-the-art storage will be accessible to the latest innovations of technology, backup and recovery, compliance with regulations like GDP and automation of data automation. When it comes to smart backup solutions, you will hear from customers like International Engineering Enterprise Laong O’Rourke. In the beginning of this year, Long-O’Rourke implemented the commute and implemented its scheduling and secure solution to control its data management. This data has its innovation in IT practice with its data management strategy.

At the site, our labels will provide you with hands-on experience for backup, security, and maintenance of your latest product innovations.

Awesome keywords, 120 bid sessions and animated, interactive show floor will have access to all the information you can help.

Easy deployment options, an intuitive user interface and easy backups with automatic policies.
Improve low cost and productivity without sacrificing backups and restoring performance or availability.
Wherever available, back up the data safely and restore it anywhere, its modern approach needs a scale.
Since its foundations, Kawwalwal has ensured that the price you have and the data you have made is available. We work to support our customers because they start digital changes and are working to ensure that we provide security and easier, secure and more intelligent before business. Enable business in ways.

You may be smart at the end of time

Join us in the Lower GO and find out how we can transfer you back and restore …


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