Indian government is not happy with WhatsApp

We recently told you about troubling stories from fake news on WhatsApp worldwide. Especially dirty stories are coming out of India, people are killed and killed due to counterfeit reports spreading false messages into messaging platforms. The Indian government has now responded to this fake news crisis and has taken action from the company owned by the Facebook.

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In a statement on July 3, India’s Electronics and IT said:

“The recent example of the people of sinless people has been felt, because the number of non-responsible and explosive devices filled with forces and forces … is not deeply denied of such developments. White App Senior management has been reached and they should take necessary steps to prevent these fake and motivated / sensitive messages. ”

Such incidents are disturbed, and it is not the first time that Facebook’s proprietary messaging platforms have been used to spread fake news and promote violence. The manager has used to mobilize violence in Multan indicating that Facebook plays decisive role in the Rohingya crisis Mobile Application.

The Indian government statement on the present crisis clearly explains WhatsApp to ensure that WhatsApp works,

“The government has also noticed that WhatsApp should take immediate action to eliminate this problem and make sure that their platforms are not used for such unusual activities.”

However, the statement talks about using “appropriate technology” to prevent the spread of fake news, so it does not offer a road map to do so. The problem is Voice app, and India is expected to act.

WhatsApp is definitely needed to do more, but it is a very simple position to take the Indian government. This is a situation that ignores cultural matters that may be participating in the spread of fake news. After all, Voices is available in countries around the world, but due to spread of fake news, most of the violence is coming out of India.

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