IOTransfer 3 Review: The Best iOS Manager And Video Downloader

Without any doubt, I must say that the iPhone and iPad are the best. Everyone wants, okay? But, when it comes to transfer or management of media files, it is certain that consumers will get quicker to work. Since iTunes is a very complicated tool, every iOS users prefer any other device to manage iOS data. Speaking about iPhone management software, we must highlight IO Transformer 3-Final iPhone and iPad Manager.

IOTransfer 3 is considered one of the best iPhone transfer devices. Since it has the characteristics of managing and transferring photos, music, videos, content and other data, every phone users should try to manage their data. In addition, the function of this device’s video video also helps video addicts to easily and quickly download videos from popular streaming platforms – your tweets, videos, etc. Check out some of the best features of IOTransfer 3!

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IOTransfer 3 Features

Since there is no clean or free space on ISO devices, you can easily use the tools to analyze the phone and clear all the bugs and the default files.
IOTransfer 3 has another useful feature to make your iOS data and backup your contacts so that you will not lose any important files.
Easy to transfer function, you can transfer your computer directly from your iOS computer to your computer.

There is no restriction on music. Devices allow you to use only one click function to transfer your favorite song to iOSOPC from iOS devices.
Today, every iOS user is worried about the storage. As most iOS devices come with a limited room, many users want to store some video files on the computer so that they want those files in the future. Therefore, IT Transmitter drag and drop the computer to the computer with the iPhone or iPad 3 devices.
There is also the option to download free online video in the IOTransfer 3 tool. So, you can download your favorite video directly from online streaming networks like YouTube on your iPhone, iPad, or PC, and then see it again as you wish.

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What is new
Change your favorite video files

Consider the needs of iOS users, the IOTransfer 3 team has added a new video converter function. Therefore, allow you to quickly convert video format like MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, WMV etc. You can convert videos directly into any form and automatically change your files. After the desire to enjoy later the iPhone or iPad.

Say goodbye to the disturbing cables

The new IOTransfer’s AirTrans wireless transfer function has been included as well as to get rid of both USB cables. With the help of the new IOTransfer AirTrans job, you can transfer your favorite photos, music, videos and other data between the iPhone, iPad, and PC using Wi-Fi connection.


Well, you can download a free version of the limited data transfer and syncing. If you want to unlimited sync and transfer features, you can go to the paid version of IOTransfer 3, which will cost you around $ 24.99 (writing this post for a year and two months). ) Will cost. Hopefully you are arranging your data free of charge with IOTransfer. 3. After using the Auto Transformer 3 tool, please do not forget to share your opinion with you through comments!