iPhone 11 ‘secret weapon’ could be a camera that turns ‘real world into video game’

The app can highlight the powerful camera technology built by the next iPhone CCC.

The so-called “3D Camera” will convert the real world into a video game – the Revolutionary Growth Reality (AR) using the tech.

This Apple iPhone has been severely removed about iPhone 11, where we do not even know the original name of the gadgets.

But a new report shows that Apple has shown interest in the three lens camera systems that can be the first time of this year’s iPhone.

According to Bloomberg, Sony is “the next generation of 3D generation sensitivity”, which allows phone cameras to get a revolution.

Obviously, it is “including Apple, after the interest of customers”.


The report states that Sony will “mass-end” mass production in America. Apple usually starts new smartphones in September, so production timeline can work for a new iPhone.

So what’s the big deal with Sony’s new camera tech?

Smartphone makers are investing in a great deal, which maximizes computer-related images around you. Shared examples include Snapchat filters, or you see Pokemon in the Pokemon Goup app.

In order to get high quality AR, the cameras need to be able to work deeply – understand how far away the items are away from each other. It is possible to keep CGI things more accurately, so they look more realistic.


ony’s system uses a “flight time” method that sends invisible laser pulses and measures how long they get back. This more detailed 3D model can be up to 5 meters distance.

With very accurate AR, it’s possible to convert the real world into a convincing video game.

In an example, a game was included where the phone owners could use hand gestures to put magic spells in a virtual game.

The Sony Smartphone Industry regularly offers camera hardware for many rivals.

It calculates Apple, Google and Samsung among its customers, and almost half the camera controls the chip market.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Apple will use any of its new camera tech in its next iPhone model, but Apple CEO Tim sees future potential as Cook’s RR. It’s very uncomfortable.

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