Is Uganda Airlines another prestige project devoid of sound economics

After the age of obligations, defense Uganda airlines will be restored, eventually some lightweight. AFFAN, after spending a $ 700 bill of shedding for four planes, is a satisfactorily satisfying African segment, cEO of satisfaction CEO.

Two additional air-condition 330 nine jets have been ordered. The airline will start with six planes. All this is fine and good, but airplanes are only airline hardware. The software is completely another hair game.

The other fear is that this is not just another primetime project, which is generally called “virgin” so that the formation of the rule can be strengthened to the nearest people.

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It was Frank Zapa who told him, “You can not be a real country unless you have a beer and a plane. If you get any kind of football team or some nuclear weapons, then I will help, but at least you need a beer. ”

There are also hackers after national newspapers in the countries. America stands as an exception. There is no national airline. There is no national newspaper in it.

I am surprised to buy six jets and paint their pants in our national colors, to bring more tourists to Uganda or to promote our international standing.

Is not it a better economic sense that instead of raising its national debt, instead of crushing the dead air, paint the picture of cruise crane or zakki.

What is the point of keeping a national country’s national career if it will eradicate resources from investment in infrastructure, education, housing and health?

At the same time many issues will likely make the airline dog a dog. They face advanced corruption, proficient business models, failure to set rules, unusual intervention by government officials, and internal interference and internal forces of some kind of routine. I still wonder how CEO was made to be IT HARDWARE!

Some serious sounds vary. During the long-term British British Airways strike, Jon Aberdeon wrote in the BBC News Magazine article titled British Airways strike: Do we still need flag carriers? That, “is still being recognized as a flag carrier for both airline and nation, is still great value.

Why? This is a problem of the brand and, in business, is not important. Corp. spend billions of rupees making, maintaining, and defending their brands – it is really important for their success. For Discount Airlines – A EasyJet or RyanAir-brand is ‘cheapest available’, and a bit more … However, a flag carrier brand represents ‘Safe Selection’ for travelers, safety and quality services Expected, and some prerequisites. ”

There are also people who argue that if a national airline direct airline is banned, a country is likely to attract trade.
Uganda loses foreign airlines and brings benefits under a national career-named two-way aviation service agreement.

Currently it is foreign airlines that run through Antibbi, and on the way. Instead of the choice, the passengers flown to the Antibbi-Subway route under the cost of the highest flight worldwide.

He said, this could be a prestigious project. A hot air balloon. Megalomaniacal is leaders, obsessions and idiosyncrasies. They put public resources in honorable projects. Adolf Hitler was his germany. Roman emperors had colysomes.

Was a French and British council. Coffe Boggye co-d’Iiorire had a Catholic peace from Our Lady, Jerusalem, later Vatican announced a Bessilla LEARN TECH NEWS.

Instead of restoring Uganda airlines, the government should make a friendly environment for private Yugoslav property airlines. Modern infrastructure, cheap air fuel, tax encouragement and corruption should have zero tolerance. After all, one of the airlines will be born as a national carrier

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