With the global warming on the rise, the weather conditions each year have taken a roller coaster ride, and it gets steeper as the year goes by. Extreme weather is like a norm in all the countries of the world. This year, Chicago was witnessing the coldest winter in almost 50 years, with the Chicago River completely freezing.

Climatic changes have resulted in so much loss of animal livestock, and food supplies in warehouses, owing to no precautionary measures taken in advance, and no proper information available about the real time temperature and humidity changes. Industries and restaurants need to keep a check real time on the ambient temperature changes, in order to prevent food rot and other heat-sensitive product storage.

During these extreme conditions, you must make sure that your house/factories/warehouse are not only weather-proof, but also have real-time temperature monitoring system, so that you can keep an eye on unannounced extremities in weather in advance and take necessary precautions.

Earlier the manual thermostats would only give you data on the device, and you had to adjust them manually every night before bed. With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), you can now get real time readings on your smartphone, via an app. You can even remotely change the temperature as per the recommendations. Advanced models now use Machine learning to regulate temperatures automatically in homes and offices, depending on ambient weather conditions.

We must understand that we spend millions of dollars to produce food items for daily consumption, which naturally have relatively low shelf life. Hence, it is imperative that we take care of ambient temperature both in the warehouse, and even while transporting these items from factories to warehouses for further distribution.

Certain manufacturers like Radio Bridge, help users with their ambient temperature probe sensor products, both with external probe and no-probe, that come embedded with an app, which shows real time data from your house, factory, warehouse, and farmhouses. This device has a 5 to 10 year battery life and can send at least 20000 to 200000 messages on a single battery. The most important part being the fact that it supports major LPWAN standards like the SigFox, LoRa/LoRaWAN and NBIoT.  The wireless external probe temperature sensors have excellent penetration through walls and floors, apart from having very long range extending up to several miles. These devices help users have access to extreme temperature variances real time and take corrective action within minutes.

Temperature sensitive areas such as steel plants, which have electric Arc furnaces, blast furnaces for melting steel, should have such heavy-duty industrial temperature sensors. They can prevent unprecedented furnace accidents due to sudden temperature variations, which have caused deaths in the past

Be it your home or your factory, having a real time temperature sensor device would certainly put you ahead in taking informed decisions about controlling ambient temperatures effectively. We may not be prepared for the greater catastrophic results of the increasing global warming, but we might as well make use of such devices and take precautions in every area that we can.