Is your smartphone spying on you?

Om popular apps on your phone are secretly taking curtains of your activities and a team of northeastern researchers can be sent to their third parties, according to a new study.

Researchers said it is particularly annoying because videos and screens on your screen on videos and screens – screens, credit card numbers, and other important personal information may be included on this screen.

“We found that thousands of popular apps have the ability to record your screen and whatever you type,” told the study of two computer science professors David Chippens that study was monitored. “It includes your username and password, because it can record your type of characters as these shortcuts.”

This study, which was conducted largely by two students – undergraduate Alien Pan and Dr.’s candidate Jinging Ren – was constantly designed to investigate permanent fictional investigations that the phone secretly communicates with our conversation. Recording and selling this information to companies so that they should penetrate you with targeted ads. .

While researchers did not find any evidence of recording recordings, they searched for activity that could be even more dangerous.

Choffnes, “We knew we were looking for injection in a hundred and a half yards,” and we were surprised to find a lot of shade. ”

What has he found that some companies are sending mobile shots to screen shots and videos in third parties. Although their privacy violations are exposed, they emphasized how the privacy policy of the phone can easily be exploited for profit.

“This opening will almost certainly be used for abusive purposes,” said Christo Woolson, the second computer science professor of the investigation team. “This information is easy to install and submit. And it is the most disturbing that it comes with no notification or permission through the users.

“If we hold, there was a third party sending zip code, but it could easily be a number of credit card numbers.”

the study

Researchers analyzed over 17,000 popular apps on the Android operating system, using the automated test program that students have written. Although this study was done on Android phones, both Wilson and Chuffens said there is no reason to believe that other phone operating systems may be less.