Join the Bitdefender 2019 BETA and test the future of cybersecurity

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One of our partners is Baddender. Baddender is a major global cybercredit – technology company, which protects hundreds of millions of users worldwide in over 150 countries.

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Baddender is looking for beta testers for the 2019 version of the total security suit and has asked that we can refer our customers to the following message More Learn Tech News.

Buttfender is almost ready to start a new series of productivity products by 2019 and requires the world’s most tough BTA testers. So, now we are taking together a strong team of future experts from all over the world so that we can help supply superb and unhealthy Sebastice products. You are welcome to join us Professional Data!

How will it happen

Beginning with June 14, you will be invited to take out the Federation and Federation on Budefefender Total Security 2019. The new version improves the importance of the new layer of prevention technology and romomorphor protection on Budderfeld’s industry’s leading attack. Product interface and communication with 2019 version products on Windows, Mac and Android is better, so you need the need you need and all cybercracker features are very easy to use. Parental control has also been improved with additional functionality on mobile.

How to apply

Once you are registered and accepted, you will get an initial email with a downloaded link to get started. After the campaign starts, we will trust your wish to continuously communicate and offer the Budfender team and help improve the product, at this stage, may be worms More: U.S. lifts ban on suppliers selling to China’s ZTE.

All conversations will only be on a safe online platform, only available to the testing team. Members can participate in joint group discussions with other members of individual beta testing as well.

Please note that this program is available only in English.

What’s in it for you?

To come out of Baddender Labs, you will not only be the first to be the most advanced product, but you will have the opportunity to improve your opinion and become one of the “good people” of cyber world. We will be thankful to you and throw some extra things like Bitdender Products and Amazon Voucher as well.

But the real reward will come from millions of future users who will be safe and secure for your efforts. So now apply for this challenge!