Last week in tech: Bad smartphone habits, new DJI drones, and Facebook bans

Last week in tech: Bad smartphone habits, new DJI drones, and Facebook bans

How long did your smartphone feel like this weekend? Too much, okay? You are not alone Actually, recent research shows that our constant use of smartphones affects our children. Do not worry because this round of past week’s tech news will be caught for quite a long time to get you out and enjoy the summer sun. Your child will thank you for reading it. (Disclaimer: they probably will not).


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This week, we can fix our fast complicated relationship with Facebook (and what you can do), digital support, and what can be done by fixing the damage of the ergonomic gadgets or not actually in the actual year. Bonds are talking about fake accounts and roaming on the screen.

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DJI Mavi Pro Pro was already the best consumer drone on the market (at least if you are ready to open more than $ 1,000 shells) and now that the company has set up this line of flying flying machines What is updated? The MVI 2 Pro and the Navy 2 zoom sensor will help prevent them from transmission and have upgraded the camera seriously for aerial photography and video. Look for our revision in the coming days.

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Last week, there was a lovely moment for my camera nurse. Nicken introduced her first ProRead Irish Irish camera, a great holiday from the traditional DSLR heritage for decades. Our friends in Pop Photos got the opportunity to shoot with 45 Megapixels Z7 and shared some samples and impressions.
One of the most annoying things on the web is fake fake videos right now. They use edit-editing modes to keep people who are generally amazingly convinced in celebrities, with nothing in reality. From the UK, this video demonstrator shows that the ANA operates ill dance from bronze mood to daily articles.

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Get ready for more inactive ads for YouTube

Now when we are unwanted addicted to web videos, we need to roll the ad cash train. YouTube has recently announced that more channels will access inactive ads during those videos, which has begun in early January. Ads earn more money for creators and each is limited in 20 seconds, but some advertisements, with some viewers, are troubled.

Sony brings the United States a robot robbery and you must buy it

Years after this year, Sony restored this robot puppy back to consumer electronics show. It was only for international markets, but now it is coming to the state and its price is $ 2,899. It requires cloud connectivity and even a data connection. It’s cute and will never be found on your destination! But it’s also crazy crazy.

Now the Xbox has all the subscribers that help you to earn a console

For $ 22 per month, Microsoft will now take you an Xbox One S console which will access the Xbox One Gold Accounts and Company subscription service, game pass. The Xbox One is worth $ 229, while the game pass subscription cost is $ 10 per month and XP Live Gold is $ 5 per month (if you subscribe annually.) This micro-users Swing front price above a system and essential services is a sure way to get more console in the hands of.

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