Leak chips away at Google’s secrecy on China


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Last month, Google’s 20th birthday event, the search of the company’s head closed its question about the firm’s intentions in China immediately.

We heard, due to an accidental leak accident, the firm was developing a search engine for the country, regardless of Beijing on a sensor.

“Now we have done some investigation, but since there is no plan to launch something we can do, I can not say anything about it.”

Referring to the company’s line on the project, he publicly thanked Dandyly, an application signed by hundreds of Google workers only at a number of different leaks, some high-profile resignations and this idea.

Now, addressing employees, a new written letter from Mr Gomas is that he was not completely coming to our interview. Posted by Mangal on Tuesday, his words have expressed encouragement and preparation that exits “stress”.

‘We are ready for it’

Mr. Gomus addressed the workers on the dragonfly, in which “in general I want to thank you for everything you do.”

“We want to focus on what we want,” he says. “And then when we get started, we’re ready for it.”

He advised some kind of product or service to say that despite the unexpected potential of China to enter the market, especially when consulting with the United States about trade trade doing.

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“When we are saying that it’s six and nine months [launching], the world is a very dynamic place,” said Mr Gomas.

The BBC asked when Google refused to confirm or deny the authenticity of the transcript. However, a spokesman presented a statement that Mr. Gomas is indeed or not.

He said, “No comments, according to the comments in the interview with you that project is on,” he said. “As we have said earlier, our efforts are cautious and we are still not close to starting. Any suggestion that Ben was not right, it’s just wrong.”

‘Our destination’

Now if I want to give Google a profit for a moment, it is appropriate to say that transcript shows a sense of unexpected potential, it is targeted that nothing is yet set in stone .
“It is not easy to work on a project with a clear result,” Mr. Gomas said.

And, what could be due to the anger directed by Dragonfly, Mr Gomse started to find out some extraordinary discoveries in his ranks, on one occasion: “We are working with you Make sure your carrier will not be affected.

But the rest, Joe Mr. Gomas said, is still more likely to further investigate China’s China’s strategy. After all, recognizing Mr Gomas, the ability to make money in the area is very high.

“Those who are active on the internet, a large part of them is in China […] This is obviously the biggest opportunity to serve more and more people. And if you are serious about your mission Take it, so it should be important attention. ”

Keeping Google’s way unusual is that many people do not agree with the focus – including US Vice President Mike Pens. He said that Google should eliminate “immediate development” on the dragography.

Hide from public scrutiny

I can not win how Google thinks how to finish it. Recent history shows that the company’s staff has chosen to hide from public scrutiny, only after that regret it.

With Dragonfly, the company does not just refuse to deny the details – also with American lawmakers. In September, Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai did not appear to hear the Senate intelligence commission.

After a week, Google sent him to the chairmanship of the privacy, Keith Anino, a different committee. When asked about China, he said “there is no clear out of the scope or thing about the project.”

Mr. Gomas definitely knows the scope. In the meeting, he called it “important and valuable”, he added: “I really want to have the best luck to reach myself. “

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