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Limited engagement: Top funds backed gunmaker Ruger board despite no talks

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Boston (Reuters) – Despite the unusual response to negotiations with the world’s top asset owners of Blackwood Inc. (BLK.N) and Wingdard, all the directors supported by the guilty criminals Ruger and Company Inc. Regulators’ details on Thursday on Thursday
The vote by the biggest investors of gun makers stood opposite Black Rock and Wangsdard, the Stumble Ranger to report on the safety of the product, which held May 9 on the board’s objections.

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Neither will the Black Rock nor the welcoming meeting discuss their vote. After a massive shootout in the Florida High School in February, attention was focused on the youth-led gun-control movement, which killed 17 people, in American schools, colleges and workshops in the firing for a long time.

Stumble Ruger refused to comment on the structure with the funds on Thursday with American Securities and Exchange Commission. Black Rock survived about 18 percent of shares, then the variant, about 10 percent.

Both found fans rarely vote against directors and say that important votes come only after failure to respond to the concerns of shares.


Since July, Black Rock and Wangdard have reported in a separate “investment strategy” that they have interacted with other American companies who have created or sold urban fireworks.

With a number of views on gun control, investors and workers said that the assets managers reflected the tickets that were designed to appeal to young investors related to social issues. Yes, owners of guns without any customer or even speed up the steam rugger’s board.
Principal of Morgan Dampy Capital Management in Milwaukee, Bainen Raefen, said that big fund companies face sensitivity about their customers and business partners, who claim themselves as gun advocates, and the firm said All of them share with 80,000 or its stomach rug management.

Eli Qasasud-Stub, co-founder of a group, who had campaigned for the highest funds, Strauss Ruger director Sandra Kannon, former president of the National Rifle Association, led by the “leadership of leadership Failure “Manager.

“Only a remarkable explanation for me is that they are just trying to avoid conflicts.”

Black Rock spokeswoman Tarak McDonald said through the email that the case seems to be the engagement and voting point of view “because by then the time changes have to be encouraged and the financial interests of their customers.Promotes responsible business practices. ”

In an email statement by Caroline Wigman, Wingerbread said that when the company can influence its voting decisions to engage, corporate steps to improve the value of the “few months instead of a few It may be unclear for years. ”

Stumble Ruger is unusual that its administrators and directors will not talk directly to investors, at the same time, both major passive managers have emphasized more engagement with companies in their departments. Steve Ridge’s Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Klovie, said in May’s meeting, it is not considered to be the top-holders including BlackRock and Wing due to fair disclosure rules.

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Black Rock voted against Exxon directors during the same discussion in the past, and the year’s Black Rock CEO Larry Fink told CEO that “the anniversary of improving the long term value Need to talk. ”

Black Rock and Wangdard said they would contact gun makers after shooting Florida.
Stumble Rugger said earlier its directors met May 10 more than 10 million votes in the meeting. Most votes from any director were 425,763.

The Thursday’s pictures have also shown funds including Black Rock’s ISSS Core S & P Small Cap EF (IJR.P) and Mode Small Cap Index Fund (VBP), with nine directors and security reports. Was voted.

In July 20, “Investment Protection” report, Black Rock said that he had interacted with guns or sellers of about 13 American people. The company also said that an unknown gunman has not been allowed to talk, he voted for a security report.

In mid-mid-August, a similar report said that during the end of June 30, he talked to three criminals and supported the shareholder reseller, which could not identify the company.

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Vanderbard wrote in his reference that “Our goal should not change what business this company has to produce or its products, but to ensure that the risk of these choices is marketed.” It is considered by the company and reflects on the company’s long term value

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