Micromax Infinity N12 and Infinity N11 First Impressions

Micromom was silent for the better part of the 2018 but at the time, the new infinity ‘N’ series was started with smartphones. With Infinity N11 and Infinity N12, Micromax has tried to catch all businesses of 2018. Identifying both the new Microsoft smartphones, the minimum borders around their display, and the eA powerful increase. Other features of Infinity N11 and Infinity N12 include dual rear cameras, 4,000 megapixel batteries, and box 8.1 out of Android 8.1s.

Co-founder Wake Jean’s co-founder of the Maxomox told in the launch event that the company has tried a concert to effectively pay these phones. Infinity N12 is at Rs. 9999 and Infinity N11 comes in rupees. 8,999. Both smartphones will sell in India starting on December 25 by large online and offline stores. We will take some time with them at Micromax launch function in New Delhi, and here are our first impressions.
Infinity N11 and infinity N12 are mainly made out of plastic. Phones look similar to front and game sizes as well as prohibited peppers. Both have their power buttons and volume on the right side of the membranes, and they are pillow and well located. In their phones, their micro-ports and heroes are heroes, and the tops are top-top trays, each with two slides dedicated to Nano Symposs and a Micro SD card.

Thank you for your round corners and dependent edges, both phones fit well in our palm palm. Under their limits, 4,000 MW batteries are also amazingly light. While it is too early to finish the decision on construction standards, all plastic composition has felt a little lower than what we have at the surface, but we will save it.

The Infinity N12’s Back panel has a shiny end, which is likely to choose very reflective and incredibly fingerprint. There are three colors on offer – Blue Lagoon, velvet red, and violet – all of which are a sporting female. Compared with Infinity N11, a matte rear is fitted with a rubber strip running across the left side, as honors are like a design of 8 x (review).

The features of both Micromax Infinity N11 and Infinity N12 6.19 inches HD + (720×1500 pixels) feature 18.9: 9-dimensional proportion. With these two phones in our short time, we were pleased with the colors and colors of their screens, but a little bit surprised by HD + resolution, resulting in text and images in a little while. .

Both smartphones are powered by MediaTek Helio P22 SoC, the Infinity N12 is playing 3GB RAM and what does the Infinity N11 do with 2GB? The Helio P22 features a 12nm process, and features neuro-plated e-technology, which can handle deeper studying of face-to-face image and video detection as well. Microsoft claims that it has closely worked with media tech as well as fine tunnote performance on both phones.

We have to test these two smartphones for a final decision on their performance, but our initial effects were more or less positive. We watched smooth UI animation, and apps were loaded fast. Infinity N11’s 2GG can affect multi-functioning and works as a long-term performance, but we have to wait until we have our hands on the device. Will not meet to believe.

Both the new smartphones run Android 8.1 Oreo, which are slightly customized by Microsoft. The UI is very clean compared to the company we’ve seen before, but somebody still lives. Micromoma has firmly promised that this will eliminate Android updates for both smartphones within 45 days.
Both smartphones have 32GB storage, which can be enhanced through a micro SD card (up to 128 pb). Microsoft has promised an additional 6 hours of video playback for 450 hours, 30 hours timetime, and two phones. We wait and see what this claim is actually in the real world.

As with most smartphones, the Infinity N11 and Infinity N12 feature AI-enhanced rear cameras, which automatically adjust the shining, contrast, and handling of your shots based on these conditions automatically. Can do

The back of both phones behind the 13 + 5-megapixel dual camera setup is playing, but Infinity N11 has an 8-megapixel automatic camera while the Infinity N12 has 16 megapixel shooters. There are multiple modes in a frame mode camera app, along with camera, apple, backup, and time, which is mainly the name of the microomax for arc stickers.

It is difficult to remove returns, but the co-founder of Micomax told Gadgets 360 that this company has been in it for a long time. With Infinity N11 and Infinity N12, Microsoft seems to have caught with the competition on paper, but the phone is really not stand out and is not the US for the brand. Subway I already have a competition. Thank you 10,000 places of smart phones with Osas, Real, Honors, and Ziaists, so Micromoma definitely works

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