Microsoft pauses Windows 10 update after files disappear

Microsoft pauses Windows 10 update after files disappear

Microsoft has stopped the October update of its Windows 10 operating system, after the report has been reported that some users disappeared after installing these documents.

On its support page, firmly asks clients to use their device at least potentially and to call their local helpline.It is also asking people who have not downloaded the manual manually installed.

The firm said the cases were different.

The firm said in a statement, “Microsoft has stopped updating the update rollout while we will continue to investigate reports from some customers.”

Trust problem“Last night I updated up to 1809, and it all went smoothly, but then I know that all of my files were deleted in the documentation. This includes several important documents and financial information.” Stewart dial wrote on a forum on Microsoft. website.

At the time of writing, there were 470 people who were in the same question, as well as some information about other issues.
Nick McKireer, CBS White Analyst, told the BBC that it could affect people’s confidence in Microsoft.

“Microsoft has often encouraged people to update frequently.”

“Their quick updates are instantly updated, but it appears that consumers are constantly being resisted to download the latest and largest updates if they control their quality Make sure

“They need to make confidence with the community.”

Donna Sarkar, head of the Windows Under Program tweeted that the assistant has “the tools to get you back in a good condition”.

However, a Windows 10 customer was told in Canada that he should take his device to a store.
When the BBC used Microsoft’s online chat bit to try to help with this problem, it had a forum titled Windows 10 issue from December 2015.

The UK phone line did not have an autonomous automatic menu.

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