Microsoft stops a Russian attempt at hacking 2018 midterm elections

For the hacking of the 2016 presidential election, the state government has accused Microsoft’s same Russian intelligence agency in charge of hacking a week to hack at least three additional candidates in the elections between 2018. . Tom Brit Company results for Microsoft Security and Customer Security and Trust results in the Asylum Security Forum’s Defense Democratic Institutions: Elections 2018 and out of the panel.

“From this beginning of the year we discovered that fake Microsoft domains have been installed as a landing page for phishing attacks.” “We saw meta-data that suggested that three candidates of these phishing attacks are being directed.” The details of the attack were not implemented, but fash attacks usually include hackers who send email with a web email, which had to be troubled, designed to install malware. Activate Before the capture of Microsoft Domain as part of its work with the United States government, it could have been damaged.

Microsoft did not even show the names of the affected candidates nor their political parties, but Brit said, “By them, [candidates] may probably be interested in a spy approach.” , As well as the electoral block approach. ” The company has detected hackbackback in Russian group Stromnum, which is widely linked to Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency.

Robert Miller, US Special Adviser, US Special Adviser, Robert Miller, did not even reduce the charges for a week before joining the Republic National Committee for hacking. The Microsoft Security Team detected Microsoft’s security team that the roofing domain was used in the hooks of the search-2016 hacking hook-linked link. Badgeed News reported that although hacking politicians are becoming part of spy organizations, it is reported that information about violations of the process appears. “Second site a hacker group of Russian intelligence agencies entered the beginning of DN 2015, but did not refuse to spread this information, and they condemned international condemnation,” the site mentioned. What

US intelligence officials including FBI Director Christopher Rai and National Intelligence Director, Dan Coats, will be likely to hack in 2018 elections and after elections, the Republic House’s control states to strengthen the security of the elections. New York Times reported to end the new funds. In addition to the American hack, the JRO also targeted the campaign of French President Emmanuel Macon.