Microsoft’s focus on cloud, partnerships paying off

SAN FRANCISCO – Errors for business are bad in the elevator industry. Therefore, when the Tennessee Population expected North America to help serve its lifts, it was replaced by Microsoft Corpets, in which a partnership has been explained that Microsoft Chief Executive, Saty Nadia, How to raise the cloud to increase.

A 2014 meeting between Germany’s Texas Conspiracy Pop’s new American operation and the North America’s operations in the Middle East Microsoft CEO Nileland served a prediction based on the freedom of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, in which it After 41,000 alarms have been contacted. Customers Thyssenkrupp customers.

Prior to this meeting, company’s relationship with Microsoft was widely used to renew its license for Windows software. CEO Patrick Bass told Reuters that since then, North America spent more than two times with Microsoft. “We’re spending it all over, and our expenses are still high with our capabilities and Microsoft.”

To increase your relationship with customers like this, the key to Nadia’s strategy, such as TysenkoPip, is to increase the cloud, and has paid: Microsoft shares have reached 180% since Nissella, And its market cap before $ 800 billion before the month.

When it reports revenue on Thursday, the Tech Election is expected to post the results of the banner again, which is the fast growing Office 365 Productetite suit subscribe service and the Azure Cloud Computing business.

Its work with the Tysenkinspope states that Microsoft has emphasized on cloud computing products and services based on the subscription and subscribe to the traditional licensing model.
Boss said that the Tysenkinspope has flagged 26 design projects, and today every “Microsoft Tech platforms have some touch points.”

Sim George, Microsoft Director of Ivor IOn Engineering, said that the TennesseePop has gone to “sell things to sell things to sell things to things and to serve things.” “They have passed quite a lot.”

George said that he sent several customers to visit Nadilla. Microsoft has participated in the same partnership with companies including Krawler Company, Starbucks Corporation, Chevron Corporation and Adobe Systems Inc. The company said 75% Fortune 500 companies are at least three Microsoft Cloud Enterprise services, which are two percent in 2015 in 2015.

Microsoft has seen its products and business processing section, since changing revenue rates in late 2015, Microsoft has reduced office 365 less than 3% over the first quarter of the fiscal year 2016. I have participated. % Increase in the first quarter of 2018. Increasing the intelligent cloud of the company, which includes Everور, increased by 8% in the first quarter to 14 percent in the corresponding year in 2016.

Recently, Tisinoppeep North America is rolling out the Office 365 productive suit in all its businesses, while employees encourage Microsoft’s use of software teams’ software. It belongs to its customer using the Dinuxix 365.

Boss said that his company uses private data centers and is the way to eliminate primary computer servers. Already, 50% Thai Chickens are ranked on Azure’s ingredients and storage of North America, and are expected to be more than two-thirds in the next 12 months.

He has expressed his pride in recent projects, Bass highlighted the use of the Microsoft’s realistic realistic glasses and associated Azure software in the business of Thessalonope’s ladder lift. Boss had said that the Hollispope has shown to customers that when a ladder looks like a chair chair in the house, waiting for more than three weeks to reduce the delivery.

Boss said “We are going to reach the full service of the Azure cloud platform,” said Boss.