Mind’s quality control center found in long-ignored brain area

Mind’s quality control center found in long-ignored brain area

Poultry can not be respected. At the bottom of the brain is incredibly located and initially considered to be restricted to control movement, senior belts have long-term studies like high-end brain studyers Has been treated.

But researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis say that there is an error in ignoring pepper. His results published in Neuron on October 25, show that the brain is hand in every aspect of high-performance – not just movement but attention, thinking, planning and decision-making.

“The biggest surprise for me was that 80 percent of the seafood is dedicated to symmetry,” said Nico Dessertbach, MD, Senior Author, Professor Professor of Neurology, Professional Therapy and Childhood Physician. “Everyone thought that the movement was about movement. If you have a problem with your brain, you can not easily go through your hands when you try to get something. Our research proves that as soon as possible Motion tests the quality movement, it also tests your thoughts – to make them happy, correct them, to fulfill things. ”

Dessertbach is a founding member of Midnight Scan Club, a group of Nervous Scientists, who has twisted MRI scanners at night-by-day, to their own brain for hours of scanning their own To create high quality data for research. The first analysis of midnight-scan club data shows that one kind of brain scan is called active connectivity, the main difference can be found in MMI basically how individual wires are wired.

Postdoctoral researcher and first writer Scott Marek, Ph.D., decided to apply similar analysis for pepper. The outer layers of bees have been scared in the mineral cerebral cortex that the far-off areas connect with the network, with the view, attention, language and movement of movement. But no one knows how peppers are managed in humans, partly because the value of the MII technology means brain-based figures are low standards. However, in the half-night scan club’s database, Mercy had access to more than 10 hours of scan for every 10 people, which had serious difficulty on serialem.

Using the Quotax Networks as a template, Mark identifies the network in Kirblam. Especially, the sensor networks are missing – approach, hearing and touching – and just 20 percent of pepper movement, in almost the same amount as brain square in brain coins. The remaining 80% of the high order are occupied by the network involved in seriousness: Attention networks; The default network, which has to work with day view, is to remember the memories. And two networks that monitor executive functions like decision making and planning.

“The chief executive function of the network is the most important way in the serials,” said Mercake. “Full understanding of seriblum needs to be removed from getting involved in motor control to be more involved in the general control of seriousness at high level.”

The researchers measured the time of brain activity and found that the nervous circuits had constant ends. Signals were received through the signal system and before sending seriblum before executing intermediate networks in chicken cottage. There, researchers face, before the final passes through the standard test, production is sent back to mental cognitive for implementation.

“If you think about assembly line, then the end of the human being is the end person who cares for the car and says, ‘It’s a good thing, we’ll sell it’ or ‘it’s a tent; go back to us Will be repaired, “Dinsenbach said. “It is that all your thoughts and actions are better and control the quality.”

People who suffer harmful diseases are known as ineffective, with a non-stable chat, high speed speech, and fine motor tasks as hard as food. Poultry alcohol is also very sensitive, one of which is that one who has many drinks is one of them. But it can help to define new figures that any person is tolerated because poor decisions also appear. As soon as a person is afraid of a drama because Manbellam failed to perform the traditional quality test on motor work, the wound is also reflected on the quality control of executive control on executive functions.

Morocco has also analyzed individual networks on 10 people in the data set. He felt that brain functions make up almost one pattern in each mind, there is significant change in the brain scans performing on any two participants. Researchers are now investigating that individual differences in serial networks include intelligence, behavior, personality symptoms such as compatibility,Or psychological conditions.

Dinsbachch said “Many people who are seeing links between the work and behavior of the brain, they just ignore the poultry.” “They cut this figure and throw it away, because they do not know what to do with it. But there are four times more neurons in the floods that die in peppers, so if you leave the chicken If you go, you’ve already shot yourself in the foot before it starts. At the same time the promise of imaging the entire human mind is how it works together. “Content provided by Washington University School of Medicine. Your heavy weight is written. Note: Content style and length can be edited.

Scott Morocco, Joshua Siege, Eman M. Gordon, Renew Roth, Catherine Greet on, Delhi J. Nave ed, Mario Art, Timothy A Lawon, Bobat Eddy, Decker B Miller, Anne Zheng, Catherine C. Lopez, Jeffrey J. Burg, Rebecca S. Casselson , Anne L. Yugon, Don Derker, Andrew Anne, Catherine R. White, Kitten B. McDermart, Scott A. Nours, Joshua S. Shimoni, Abraham. Cinderella, Steven M. Nelson, Diana M. Burch, Bradley L Schlaggar, Marcus E. Rachel, Steve Euphrerson, Diana J. Green, Nico YF Daninsbach. The local and temporary organization of individual human spiral.

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