Moshi Porto Q 5K battery pack review: A well-designed power bank with the bonus of wireless charging

Moshi designs some of the best-looking phone accessories on the market. One look at the Moshi Porto Q 5K Battery Pack ($85 on Amazon), and you can tell the company takes pride in its overall approach to product aesthetics.

The Porto Q 5K is covered in a cloth material. A complementary rubber ring found on top of the power bank holds your smartphone in place when the wireless charging feature is in use. This prevents notifications and general vibrations from nudging the phone off the pack and onto the floor.

The Porto Q 5K sports two ports: a USB-A port to charge another device, and a USB-C port that’s used solely to charge the battery pack itself. The USB-A port is capable of up to 12W charging speeds, but falls short of triggering rapid charging on a Pixel 3 XL or a Samsung Galaxy S9.

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