Move over, Tinder & Bumble: Facebook begins testing dating project internally

San Francisco: To take on dating applications such as Tender and Bloomle, Facebook has started testing its dating project with employees internally.

According to a report in Wizard on Friday, an independent app researcher Jane Manon Wang found the evidence of dating test testing and published it on Twitter.

“This product is for US employees to detect Facebook’s new dating products.

“The goal of this dogging is to experience the end-to-end product experience in the end for insects and confusion UI (user interface). It is not to update your co-workers,” does not mean reading a screen shot Is.

According to the report, Facebook told employees that before ending the masses, use their historical profiles and fake data for projects to eliminate all the data.

Read more about this screen shot, adding that “the product is secret.” Doofling is entirely voluntary and your employment has no effect on it. ”

Social media giant later confirmed that dating products are being checked within the main facebook app, but no further response was denied.

Facebook had announced dating products – which will not be a cheap dating app during its F8 developer conference in the United States in May.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerber said during his importance, “It’s a real, long-term relationship building and not only for hooks.”

“We have designed it with privacy and security in the beginning,” he added. Your friends are not going to see your profile, and you’re just being suggested for them. Which is not your friend. ”

Facebook Products Chief Chris Cox showed a design of audience dating to the audience.

One feature called “Unlock” is to make any user in Facebook dating platform its profile or other attendance groups.

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