MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Armor

The GeForce RTX 20 series launch in September 2018 was dominant on the two most powerful coverage coverage in the GeoForex RTX 2080 and the flagship GeForce RTX 2080 TV graphics processors (GPUs) line line. Later on the RTX 2070 at the residential level, after release, has not yet been ignored. Here’s the RTX 2070 Card MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Armor, a custom version of the reference board that describes NVIDIA for its partner companies. Its $ 499 list is the lowest in which you can expect the graphics card expenses based on the RTX 2070, as the GPU family has the value of NVIDIA’s proposed price. Other than the RTX 2070 cards will cost a lot; As a viewpoint, NVIDIA sells more clerical RTT 2070 foundations edition than its factory for $ 599. But this MSI board can really have a black horse of RTX cards that we have yet tested: it comes to the idea of ​​”price,” for the first time, in the RTX debate.

GeForce RTX 2070 Requirements

The RTX 2070 is intended for circa 2016 GeForce GTX 1070 intended successor. Our test shows that the RTX 2070 has offered great performance with economic capture: it’s worth $ 100 higher than the outgoing card. RTX 2070 pricing instead of lines with GeForce GTX 1080, since two unusual performance in our test performed an extraordinary situation for the new card. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! .

First of all, I would suggest the first half of the RTX 20 series review our GeForce RTX 2080 job edition for the full scan on the new Navyia “cooler” architecture. This article will focus on the differences between RTX 2070 and GTX 1070 as well as pricier RTX 2080.
First of all, there are balanced specifications between RTX 2070 and GTX 1070 …
RTX 2070 indicators increase 20 percent increase in CUDA core count on its rough performance advantage. However, only this specification is likely to be the most realistic benefit of the real world,

according to Neia, seeing CUDA core on YouTube cards causes 50% per capita performance. In addition, more than the RTX 2070 high-tech GDDR6 memory, memory bandwidth should help to play on high resolutions. RTX 2070 Its power rating has a slight increase but can still be powered by an eight pin connector. 42% of its death also is a good indication that NVIDIA’s 12nm is better than FinFET processing.

These are just the specifications of RTX 2070 and GTX 1070. RTX 2070 does not include two new hardware specifications that do not look at the user-level graphics card: Tensor core and raytransmission cores.

The former power is an important feature of RTX 20 series, deep-learning super samples (DLSS). Shortly, it is designed to improve the technology’s burden in sports while improving the technology of AE-based technology. Meanwhile, RT Cores enable ray tracking for better visual effects. Ray tracking is not a new idea (pixar is using this year in its 3D movies), but due to its head performance, due to the head, so far the video games have become unused. RT Cores is designed to designate it to speed up Ray Tracking to make use of real-time in real-time.

Both DLS and Ray Tracking have failed in such a real world. They “all do not work only” in all games; the game must be ready to use them. With the help of Niaia, is the next game list, but they are still waiting for release. Therefore, the proposal for the GeForce RTX 20 Series value has been partially removed.

GeForce RTX 2070 Version RTX 2080

After leaving the passport, here are the direction of RTX 2070 and the RTX 2080 reference card

Shading Multi Processors (SMS) is the main difference between the number of cards. Each traveling SM includes 64 CUDA cores, eight tenser covers and a RT core processing engine. See the RTX-OPS number to compare the organic performance between the Arcax 20 series card, the metric for loaded Nydia’s published matrix performance performance. RTX-OPS is a combination of tenser cover, CUDA core, RT core, and INT32 operations in a given frame.

Holding with RTX-OPS is that it’s a combination of matrix. If a game does not use ray transmission, for example, then RTX-OPS performance is no longer scaled. Using all the components of RTG-OPS is considered to be a game, RTX 2080 RTX 2070 can take advantage of 43% performance. It’s about 40% increase in RTX 2080. As I write it, the RTX 2080 cards are around $ 799 marks, not $ 699, while the built-in cards around the GeForce RTX 2070 GPU were easily found at the NVIDIA’s recommended $ 499 price.

MSI RTX 2070 Armor Walk – Around

The MSI RTX 2070 armor is larger than the traditional two slot graphics card in every dimension, 12.1 inches long, 6.1 inch length, and 2 inch thick measurement. Compare that MSI’s shiny style RTX 2070 Aero 8G, which is 10.5 inches long, 4.5 inches high and 1.6 inches thick.

The biggest view of the card dominates its stud fan cooling design. The fans use ball bearings for silent operation, in which I got a case in my test. Through viewers you can see the large aluminum fan hetons and five large copper heat pipes. The surroundings of the fans are plastic, but I did not find metal there.
Clean metal buckle on the flip side of the card is a passive hack. Thermal pad on its underground transfer heat from GDDR6 memory modules.

SSI logo is written by the card with RGB LED. The MSI’s Sufi Light Software allows you to change colors and patterns, or just turn it off. This is the only lighting on this card. I think it’s not enough to make a major selling point. For real flow and lighting gasttoos, pricier MSI RTX 2070 gaming graphics cards give more composite light.

There are six pin and eight pin power connectors here. The NVIDIA defines the RTX 2070 reference card with an eight-pin connector. Side 6 pin connector on this card is to provide additional power instead of authority. Each RTX is an NVLink connector for 2070 non-availability sli support. Only the RTV 20 series and only two card SLI support only GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti offer SLI.
The connector on the backplate gets with these RTX 2080. They include three display port 1.4 video video out connectors, same HDMI 2.0b video out connectors, and a virtual link (USB-type C) connector for the next generation virtual reality. Headset does not yet exist in the ethical market.

So, a big question: how did it happen? PC Labs Directed on DirectX 11- and DirectX 12-based Synthetic Standards and Games RTX 2070 coaches. It will provide a bright bear for existing generation graphics cards.

Spotlight is that the RTX compares the 2070 GTX 1070 and the GTX 1070 Ti, but in the same way how GTX 1080 prices are stuck.

Our test vein is an Intel Core i7-8700K processor, JGG. DDR4 memory is equipped with a solid-state boot drive, and a mother’s ZOS70 Z270 gaming keyboard. Note for a few examinations we used our backup test rig due to technical issues. It is equipped with an Intel Core I7-7700K processor, Sci Gaming Z270 M5 motherboard, and 16 Pocket Corsair RAM of a solid state boot drive. We should be very close to the main vein of its performance for running standards.

Through the next step, each bench goes through the step. If you are looking for a TLDR version, go to the result.

Artificial benchmark
3D practice fire strike ultra

Artificial standards can predict the real world gaming performance. About the Future Mark – The 2013 Fire Strike is still for the ultimate 4K based gaming once. We’re just looking at the graphics subsidy, not the overall score.

SSI RTX 2070 Armor only led a 20% lead on the GTX 1070 founder edition. This was the smallest difference that we saw between any of the runaway runs. While the RTX 2080 foundations edition was not enough enough, the RTX 2070 GTX 1080 founder editions maintained nearly any perfection.

3D Markup Spy and Time Spy Extreme

Time Spy Set DirectX 12 – 12-day benchmark for future sporting prediction prediction benchmark. It uses key API features, including asynchronous compute, clear multi adapter, and multiple themes.
3DMark Fire Strike Ultra-contrast, Time Spy and Time Spy Extreme Standards showed the greatest benefits for MSI RTX 2070 during our quality GTX 1070 founder Edition: 53%. The RTX 2070 scored a significant 16 percent higher than the GTX 1080 founder edition. These results indicate the RTX 20 series that is more important in the use of the new DirectX 12 APIs than the GTX 10 Series card.

Our last artificial quality is that the release of Universe 2017, Supercision. This quality covers ray-ray tracking, but it does not have hardware in the software, and does not use the RTX 20 series RT-core. (Note that we used the backup test vein for RTX 2070 results in this test.)
The MSI RTX 2070 Armor performed well against the GTX 1070 foundations edition, which showed an improvement of 31% performance on 8 optimized layouts. However, the performance advantage has gradually increased the resolution, however; I saw the opposite trend with my maximum test.

Real world gaming

The following are the games that you can play. Self charts will automatically list the settings we used (usually, the most online game presets and, if available, DirectX 12).

As a result of our performance, a game is a specially absent cemetery shadow. Using the latest available driver for the MSI RTX 2070 Army, the game continuously worsened before the load screen on both the veins of our screen. Weirdly enough, we did not experience this behavior with cards based on the RTX 2080 we reviewed.

Add a grave rider

The pre-advance in the cemetery shadow of 2015 is still a great quality.
The MSI RTX 2070 Army led by the slowdown of the screen resolution on GTX 1070 foundations, 36% top in 4K. Perhaps the fastest GDDR6 memory on RTX 2070 is partially responsible for this pattern. Meanwhile, the SSI RTX maintains speed with the 2070 GTX 1080 founder edition, and it was left to RTX 2080 job edition 18 to 26%.

Although MSI RTX 2070 4K resolution produces a worthy of average frame rate in the quality of this game, I found when I gave myself the opportunity to play a game. The RTX 2070 is not too powerful to enable the game to play continuously at 4K at high speed settings. I put some of these sports shadows and shading experiences to clean it. No contract 4K gaming experience, consider additional costs for the RTX 2080. There is no need to do less demand in the future in the future.

Farhad R5 and immediately Royal Ancient

In the Farhra R series, the fourth and fifth installations are based on DirectX 11, but still demand. Because they eat similar benchmarks as well as similar standards. (Remember that we used the backup test rig for Forex Rule for results of the RRX 2070.)
The 1080p screen resolution results are likely to be CPU limited. SSI RTX 2070 Armor led GTX 1070 foundations edition 4 km by 41% in Forward Row 5, and also defeated GTX 1080 foundations edition by a few percent points. As I found with the increase in the router router, Forex R5 also had some experience in 4K with ultra-visual quality settings. Back to some dialing settings are required if you want to get an average of around seconds per second (FPS).

Final Fantasy XV

We will take the FPS-based standard to the ultimate fantasy XV for the quality. (Note we also used the backup test rig for the RTX 2070 results in this test.

The MSI RTX 2070 Armor achieved its best success on the GTX 1070 Foundation Edition in Benchmark based on this point. As a result, compared to the MTI RTX 2070 Army, RTX 2080 founder edition achieved its lowest revenue.

World of Tank Encore

This is another free non-fps based benchmark which is available as free download. It is not very demanding, but it is still a reliable test that reflects massively multiplayer war games.
Another Win Chock for the MSI RTX 2070 coach; he gained 2% 4K during the GTX 1070 founder edition edition. RTX 2080 job edition RTX was at 4K to 4kg ago 4K, resulting in the previous standard, and it is about 28 percent increase in the CUDA cover count on 2070.

Tom Clinic: Division

There is a 2016 release that is difficult to handle, here is our final DirectX 12 specific game test.
According to the GTX 1070 founder edition, the MSI RTX 2070 army performance is 4 km at 40% on 25% to 1440p. This is another indication that the RTX 2070 high memory bandwidth is beneficial in high resolutions.

However, RTX 2070’s 4K numbers are very low for sports sports. You will need to differentiate some of the game settings to get a smooth experience. Alternatively, compromise on the 1440p resolution, which also produces smooth frame rates with RTX 2070 visual quality settings.

Overclocking performance

I used Bacern Software after MSI to maximize the SMS RTX 2070 army. Software Built-in NVIDIA Scanner API tests GPU for this ideal voltage / frequency curve. I had several scans in the run, and I ended up with it …

The base clock reached 1,410 MHz to 1,574 MHz, and the promotion clock increased by 164 MW to 1,620 MHz to 1,784 MHz. Compared to the RTX 2080-based cards, they have the maximum relative benefit. The results I receive are not guaranteed. Each GPU will vary, so your mood can vary.

The maximum number of MSI RTX 2070 Armor 8 GOC cards to overcome, which has a clock clock of 1,740 MW. It goes on retirement for $ 549, or I’m checking over $ 50 over non-tasked RTX 2070 Army Cards. This premium rarely seems worthwhile that the card given is otherwise identical, and I passed with some mouse clicks on the clock at its factory.

Overclocking made a difference in standards and games. Note that the numbers in the following chart are not comparable to the numbers in the standard data because I used the Intel Core i7-7700K based backup test rig.

Synthetic 3D mark banks showed more profit than overclocking: 9%. According to the construction standards, the graveyard and immediate increase of 5 percent increased by 6 to 7 percent in 4 kg. They are automatically respected results for overclocking. Extra FPS on 4K makes a valuable difference when you are generally under 60fps.

Thermal and cooling

I would analyze that the MSI RTX 2070 army promotes its GPU core temperature, memory clock, and clock-by-clock watch. I used the 3D Alarm Fire Strike to complete 20 laptops of ultra-durability testing, which take approximately 10 minutes to walk.

This card is running on its factory watches. I deleted memory clock, because it maintains its 1,750 MHz rating in trial …
The home clock is an average of 1,722 MHz per hour, or its rated rating is much higher than the 1,620 MHz promotion clock. GPU automatically boosts the clock if the power and thermal conditions allow. The basic clock had some dimensions, which is common, but it remains in a narrow range; standard deviation was 15MHz. The most important thing is that it remains constant over time.

The average GPU primary temperature shows 62 degrees centimeters that this card is a thermal heritage room. I had tested in the cooler room (65 degree F), but I did not hear the card ahead of hearing the RTX 2070 Army Spinning Hearing Defenders. There is no reason to believe me that this card will get thermal problems in a warm environment.

Now let’s know how RTX 2070 Army did in its more click-by-state. I left the memory clock again, which has maintained its factory frequency (it’s not a clock).
The overclock obtained with MSI Turbarner officially set up promotion clock 1,784 MHz, but it reached the highest average of 1,921 MHz. The cover clock still remains in a controlled range, the standard deviation is less than 1MHz. There was no change in the average GPU temperature of 62 degrees. Its fans were faster and faster, because the card had to face more power, but I did not listen to them. There is no doubt that the RTX 2070 Army has a thermal room for more overlapping.

Super Solid Gamer, but a capable upgrade?

The MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Armor fought fine in our test. Its cooling system was both silent and efficient, and he showed a lot of clock headphones. As a reality, the most comfortable casual, we think twice before the factory’s overclocked RTX 2070 extra costs for the card. This dead price is also at NVIDIA’s recommended $ 499 price, at least you can expect forklift for RTX 2070.
The RTX 2070 is well suited for high refreshing 1080p and 1440p gaming. It’s definitely worth 4K gaming, though we had to reduce game settings to get the average closer to 60fps in some games. If 4K is your goal, we will recommend making RTX 2080 jumps.

The price for RTX 2070 depends on the number of cards you are coming on. The RTX 2070 is a smart purchase if you are upgrading from an old platform, because it would not have been worth buying the old but similar GeForce GTX 1080 for the same $ 499. It is also argued that if you are buying serious graphics cards for the first time. In addition, RTX 2070 GTX 1070 can be seen as a smart upgrade if you want to move to the next performance level: This average, our test was 35% faster.

Pricing for the RTX 2070, though, it converts the NVIDIA home run in a DVD or a triple. According to birth, the increase in per capita per capita per capita per capita performance is that the nadia has ruined us in the money card and thus we are expecting that this is not the only time. It happens that the RTX was 2070 value to meet the GTX 1070, but the RTX is $ 2070 $ 100. Although, it is still the best gaming GPU that you can buy for $ 499. Its still neutral DLS and ray training features can only be included in their appeal. We look forward to testing them, as we have the opportunity to welcome the next generation of AMD in the thumb.

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