Need Cash Now? These New Loan Apps Make Borrowing Simple and Fun!


Newsflash: Millions of people across the country work for minimum wage. That minimum wage ranges anywhere from $7.25 to $14.00 per hour. In case you haven’t checked the price of your milk lately (or your rent, car, insurance, etc). That’s […]

Newsflash: Millions of people across the country work for minimum wage. That minimum wage ranges anywhere from $7.25 to $14.00 per hour.

In case you haven’t checked the price of your milk lately (or your rent, car, insurance, etc). That’s barely enough to get by.

So then, if you’re in the low to average wage boat, it stands to reason that you might need the occasional loan to float you from one paycheck to the next.

It used to be that you’d need to go down to a payday loan place in order to borrow against an upcoming paycheck. Today, thanks to technology, you can borrow against your next check from the comfort of your home (or anywhere else in the world).

Below, we show off a handful of awesome loan apps that make borrowing both convenient and fun!

1. SpeedyCash

You may recognize the brand SpeedyCash from the multitude of brick-and-mortar locations that it has around the United States. SpeedyCash has made its name by offering reputable payday loans for a number of years.

To make borrowing more convenient in today’s digital age, they’ve launched their mobile application which is simple, straight -forward, and can hook you up with the cash that you need in under 24-hours!

2. Brigit

Brigit is one of the most popular loan apps because of its claim-to-fame promise. The app promises that in just 90-seconds, they’ll give you everything that you need to pay all of your bills and emergency expenses.

While that statement might not be 100% true for some people with extreme financial need, Birgit does allow you to borrow $250.00 with just one click.

3. CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA is another big-brand lender that you’ve probably seen advertise on TV.

When we used CashNet’s app, we couldn’t help but feel like it felt a little… Old. That being said, as the app promised, we were able to get our loan application reviewed in minutes and were quickly wired the money that we requested.

What more can you ask for from loan apps, right?

4. Earnin

We. Love. Earnin.

This application is truly generation-Z’s solution when they need to borrow money straight-away.

How Earnin works is ingenious.

Rather than running your credit or having you fill out lengthy applications, the app simply asks that you prove that you’ve worked hours that you haven’t been paid for yet (for example, you just worked a 4-hour shift that you’ll get paid for by the end of the month). Then, you can advance yourself those unpaid earnings.

How much does this service cost you ask? Whatever you want it to!

That’s right! When you borrow through Earnin, you simply tip whatever you’d like for the service.

5. MoneyLion

MoneyLion feels like an application that was developed by Apple itself. The application looks incredible and its intuitiveness is virtually unmatched.

In addition to the loan services that MoneyLion offers, they also provide users with a free checking account that they can use at their leisure.

Through their checking account, borrowers can get all sorts of cash back offers on everyday spending.

6. Dave

No personal loans app (or any application perhaps) on the market has more personality than Dave.

Dave is unique because it requires a $1.00 per month subscription fee and in return, offers low, no-interest cash advances to its users.

It’s hard to miss Dave in a line up of loan applications. That’s because it boasts an incredibly unique art style and a super-cute bear mascot that really adds personality to the lending and borrowing process.

On average, Dave users save over $500.00 per year on loans which makes this application a favorite for loan seekers with disabilities (which you can read more about) and others with extraneous circumstances.

7. BearPay

Speaking of bears, another solid loan application that features a bear as a mascot is BearPay.

On Android BearPay currently boasts over 1500 5-star reviews. That warm reception doesn’t surprise us either.

BearPay is transparent in its terms, offers loans up to $5000.00 and the app approves many applications instantly.

Furthermore, BearPay boasts a number of loan options that users can pick from. Some of those options include standard personal loans and more unique installment loans.

8. TriCash

Wrapping up our loan apps list is an application called TriCash. TriCash is a little bit different than the other loan providers that we’ve outlined.

Its big difference is that it’s not a loan provider at all.

TriCash is what we call a loan facilitator. That application allows you to input your information and then review hundreds of loan offers from 3rd party providers all across the internet.

What we like about TriCash is that it’s a single place that enables you to compare and contrast a ton of different options. That ease of browsing makes it a lot more likely that you’ll be able to find a loan that represents an excellent deal.

Closing Out Our List of Top Loan Apps

Loan apps have turned the lending industry on its head. Now, rather than hopping in the car to get cash, all you have to do is pick up your phone and get paid.

Pretty neat!

As with all loans, be sure that you read and understand terms that surround your borrowing agreement. Many people have opted into loans that have turned out to be predatory which pave the way to financial ruin.

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