New App for Video and Photography Lovers for Android and iOS Phones

screen recorder

screen recorder

Are you a lover of good photographs? Do you wish to collect those special videos that you see on your mobile screen? This is a thought that has often crossed the minds of most mobile phone owners because the internet has spectacular photos. And now, there is an app that allows users to record what they see on the screen of their mobile phones.

Keep Buttons Under Control
You can do this in small, easy steps. Step one will be to download and install the Screen Recorder app on your mobile phone. When you do this, you will have the floating navigation button on the Home screen. This is to assist you in doing the screen recording straight away. But, at times, you will need to use the phone without the navigation buttons getting in the way. You can remove the button by doing this. Open the Settings by clicking on the app on the left corner of the screen. Here you see the App Access Settings tab. Under this, you will have the Disable/Enable Floating Button Control. By choosing the proper option, you can remove the buttons on your Home screen.

Use Audio and Trim Videos
The two things you need if you are an ardent video collector are the ways to control the audio and the method of trimming the videos you capture. To control the audio, open Settings and you will see the Audio Settings under this. You will see a button against this which you can enable or disable by clicking on it. If you set it ON, you will be able to record audio along with your videos. Next, the trim video facility is present set into your recordings, so you don’t have to search for anything.

Open the Screen Recorder app and check for the Recording option. Here you will see all the videos you recorded. And, on each of those videos, there will be a Scissors icon. This is the control to open and trim your videos. Click on the icon and trim your videos. Save them and that is it.

Make Tutorials for your Students
You can make interesting and exhaustive tutorials for your students. For this, you need to have a camera on your phone to capture videos. Make a video of your notes and save it to your phone. Now, open the recording option by clicking on the left corner of the screen on the app icon. Click on Screen Recording option and play your tutorial recording. Remember to enable Audio, as explained above.

You can talk as you do the screen recording to explain your notes. This will make your Tutorials complete. Click on Start Now to begin the process. Once you have gone through the entire Tutorial, click on Save. Now, you can share the video on social media. Use the one-step upload to YouTube website. To do this, go to Settings and click on Recordings option. Here against your video, you will see an upward pointing arrow. Click on this against the video you want to share and then post it on YouTube in one click.