One million wearables shipped in Q2 2018; Xiaomi, Goqii retain the top spots: IDC

According to the latest data issued by the ICDC (International Data Corporation), in the month of Indonesia, Indonesia wearing market increased 66 percent year (YOY) and 40% in three months. , Which was in the second quarter 2018 (2018Q2). One million aspects were shipped to 2018 Q2, in which Zuma, Goki and Titan maintained the first three places in the overall wear-market.

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Smart wings increased by 34 percent respectively when wearing 90% of the wrists in the wallet, according to the computing wearable. In smart times, Apple appeared as a clear leader, and during this quarter, Apple was a one of three watches sold in India. After launching Apple Watch Tour 3 3 in India last year, Cupertino Wallal started Apple Watch Series 3 with the cellular in May this year. However, Apple is not the top five backward brands in this country.

Today, a citizen becomes the priority of India in India, and consumers are choosing fitness bands to monitor their routine routine, and healthy health on healthcare devices,” says Nikkark Singh, Associate Research, director of ICDC. Life is also comfortable to spend. However, a number of consumers are still experiencing difficulties in the absence of any worthwhile benefits from real devices. ” He further added, “Consumers need to develop services around it to keep encouraging and running again.”

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Zia maintained the top position wearing 45.8 percent with market share and 31% cent quarter increase in second quarter of 2018. With 18.8 percent market share, the target has been registered in the second round of activity, followed by its interactive ecosystem and live coaching, 74% registered in the annual growth and 36% growth. Titani took the third position in market share with the help of its pharmaceutical reflex, while overall delivery increased 56%. However, its delivery saw 45 percent reduction in the annual growth because it channeled its devices before launching new devices in the market. Compared to the previous quarter, Fitbit 42 graduated as a lamp in Q218 compared to its delivery space. Fitbit introduced the Versa clock, adding another device to its clock portfolio. However, in the quarter, Fax 2 acquired more than half awards in its overall delivery. Lenovo started its three new models to strengthen the fitness band category, which helped in the brand for the registration of great triple domain development in the last quarter.
“After the slowdown of 2017, it appears that the market looks like it is in 2018. Companies have increased their marketing costs, selling alternative devices to their devices and analyzing their platforms. And adding to updating user engagement “Singh, Associate Research Manager, Client Tools, IDC India.


New launches and affordable finance projects in the channel indicated the development of smartwatches. The report states that “This development is mostly attributed to a precautionary measures against the expected implementation of National Standards Standards for Bureau of Industries (BIS) for the type of wear in the middle of 2018 Q2. The number of units before the implementation of the BSI in the country. In addition, e-mail brought further delivery to meet the demands of various online shopping sales in Jiangsu and July. “Current In addition to the players, the market witnessed the entry of new e-commerce players in fashion eCommerce, IOT, and initially vertical components.

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