OPPO K3 Exposure! Snapdragon 710, Full Screen, Starting From 999 Yuan ($144

Operation of OPO brand is very good in recent years, especially from the beginning of this year, the OPP K1 mobile phone has different features of this brand, so that many consumers feel that PPO can also be conscience. OPPO K1 This phone is still very popular when it is currently listed, it is also ideal for sale terms.

OPPO K1 For this phone, Jayie’s favorite is still in its front lens camera capacity, although this phone is described as a thousand yuan phone, OPPOK3 exhibit! Snap Dragon 710+ is calculated for highscreen, sorry for starting OPPO K1! But its pixel is high, reaching 25 megapixels, not only in this, it also features beauty beauty and supports 8MP type of beauty programs, it only likes itself, self Portrait, female consumers.

First of all, in terms of appearance, the OPPO K3 uses a size of 6.43 inches of mainscreen, and it is significantly better than the previous generation. By 2560 × 1080 pixels, this description is now more than anything from today’s flagship products. Depending on the design of the design including OPPO K3, water sheds will still be used. In terms of overall appearance, the difference with the OPPO K1 is not too big. The biggest change mainly appears in some details. For example, the phone frame has been further reduced, so that the OPPO K3 space is occupied by the space screen. The more obvious improvement, at that time, reached 93%.

Improvement reached at least 93%.

According to the terms of internal setting, according to the exhibit data, the OPPO K3 thousand yuan will use the most snap dragon 710 CPU in the phone market, and to improve the system, OPPO K series again Will a new phone come out? Snap Dragon 710 + Refresh high-face value, thousands of yuan phone screen is calculated for record? Therefore, there is no problem in the operation. Depending on the memory collection, it will be based on 6GB and 128GB. The maximum of 6GB and 256 pb will reach. Overall, this phone is in the market of thousands of yuan ($ 144). It must be very popular.

We all know that OPPO’s series is the basic value / performance ratio, so OPPO K3 is not very expensive in pricing, but it is more expensive than OPPO K1, but the increase in cost is not too big. It is expected to be the starting price of 1899 yuan ($ 275.77). If this is really the price, what do you think about this phone?

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