Private messages from 81,000 hacked Facebook accounts for sale

Private messages from 81,000 hacked Facebook accounts for sale

Hackers have understood and published private messages from at least 81,000 Facebook users’ accounts.

The criminals told the BBC Russian service that they had details of 120 million accounts, they are trying to sell, although there are reasons for the doubt about its data.

Facebook said its security was not understood.

And data was probably received by the abusive browser extension.

‘Law enforcement’

Facebook has taken steps to prevent further accounts from being affected.

The BBC understands many users whose details are based on Ukraine and Russia. However, some of the UK are from the US, Brazil and other places.

Hackers have offered to sell access to 10 cents (8 p) per account. However, their ads have been taken offline.

Facebook executive Guy Rosen said, “We have contacted browser makers to ensure that neutral extras are not available to download in their stores.”

“We have also contacted law enforcement and worked with local authorities to remove the website that has shown information from Facebook accounts.”

Discussion posts

First of all, after bringing the light in September, a user’s post was published by the English FBS name of Internet forum.

The user wrote “We sell personal information of Facebook users. Our database includes 120 million accounts.”

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Cyber ​​Security Company Digital Shadow testified by the BBC and confirmed that more than 81,000 profiles include private messages published online as a sample.

Data was available even more than 176,000 accounts, although some information – including email addresses and phone numbers may also be included.

The BBC Russian service contacted five Russian users whose private messages have been uploaded and confirm that the posts were of them.

An example recently featured holiday photos, there was one more talk about a recent dipecode concert, and also included complaints about a daughter-in-law in the third.
There was also a discussion between the two lovers.

One of the websites posted on this web site is set up at St. Petersburg.

Its IP address is also flagged by cybercracker tracker service. It is to say that the address was used to spread locomotive Trojan, which allows attackers to access the user’s password.

Who should be charged?

Personal Shopping Assistant, Bookmarking Apps and even mini-mini puzzles offer different third-party extensions, such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Small icons are sitting patiently waiting for your URL address to wait and click on them.

According to Facebook, it was an extension that quietly monitored the activities of the victims on the platform and sent personal details and private conversations to the hackers.

Facebook has not named those names in which it was involved in the involvement but the leak was not a mistake.

Independent cyber experts have told the BBC that if the expansion of the route was really the reason, the developers of the browser could also share some responsibility for the failure to target the programs.

But hack is still bad news for facebook.

The eighth network has a terrible year for data security and questions will be asked to ask that it is very active in responding to such situations that affect many people.

The BBC Russian service emailed the address listed with the hacked details, which was offered as a buyer interested in buying details of two million accounts.

The advertiser was asked how similar accounts were in which the Cambridge analysis scandal or the security included in September came in September.
An answer came in England, who called John John.

He said the information was not done with any data leak.

He claimed that the hacking group presented data from 120 million users, out of which 2.7 million were Russians.

But digital shadow told the BBC that the claim was suspected because it was unlikely that Facebook would lose such a big violation.

John Smith did not explain that he did not expand his services even more widely.

And when asked whether the Russian State or Internet Research Agency has been linked – a group of hackers linked to carmen – he replied: “No.”

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