Probing Into The Features And Specifications Of The Smok Nord Pods Kit

When you buy a new smok pod, you will get a kit that will contain the device, the pod, the coils, the battery, a charger and a user manual. All the elements of smok nord pods have its distinct features. As for the power source of these pods, there is an integrated battery. This is rechargeable and will provide a constant power of 1100 mAh. The capacity of the vape juice or e-liquid is about 3 ml. You can refill this juice through the fill plug on its side. Both these will allow you to have consistent vaping on the go.

Coils and other kit features

The two coils of the smok pods, mesh and regular, are replaceable as and when required. If you want to have a better vaping experience you can also use a ceramic coil that you will need to buy separately and add flavors of your choice in it. the pods come with a magnetic connection that provides a direct voltage-based output. The entire system is operated and controlled with a single button. There is an LED light that indicates the power of the battery. The ergonomically designed smok pods comes with cobra plated panels a mouthpiece and a micro-USB port as well as cut-off and short-circuit protection.

The kit specifications

As for the specification of these smok pods, it may vary a bit according to the brand and design you choose. Ideally, the dimension of it will be 94 by 30 by 18.8 mm and weight 80 grams making is small and light weight. The wattage output ranges from 10 to 15 watts from the 1100 mAh mentioned earlier. Lastly, the recommended VG/PG ratio of the smok pods is 70:30. All these innovative features and specifications make these smok pods the best, safe and most stylish alternative to conventional cigarette.