Property Companies Secret To Saving Thousands of Dollars


Every business is looking for ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to get the job done. At the same time, those time reductions need to be efficient and more importantly not reduce the quality of the service […]

Property Companies Secret

Every business is looking for ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to get the job done. At the same time, those time reductions need to be efficient and more importantly not reduce the quality of the service being offered. This is where a smart software and website builder tool has been designed to help those managing multiple properties within the vacation rental industry reduce the time taken to manage certain elements of dealing with guests and bookings.

One of the main features of this software designed by Lodgifyis a system built in called the channel manager. It can be installed as a WordPress plug in or used as part of the designer’s website builder package. It is also compatible with Squarespace, Weebly, WIX, and many other website platforms.

Software That Helps Property Managers Increase Their Revenue

Features built into the vacation rental software by Lodgify include a channel manager, booking system, payment system, and real time chat function. Individual property owners that want to build their own stylish website also have the option to use one of the numerous website themes as part of the parcel.

The channel manager is arguably the most incredible feature Lodgify has to offer

For those property managers that are looking to gain maximum exposure for their vacation rentals, the current strategy is to have those properties listed on as many websites as possible. i.e. websites that allow people to list their home as a place available for rent. You may have heard of the likes of Airbnb and Expedia; perhaps the two most popular vacation rental websites online.

However, there are many more websites like Airbnb and Expedia – more than 20 out there! Listing your property on each one of these websites guarantees maximum exposure, but this tactic has not come without its own pitfalls.

One of the downsides of listing properties across multiple websites is calendar management. When one site has a booking, the other websites do not know about it. Should someone then book the same place on another website for the same dates, there becomes an issue of double booking.

Lodgify has a channel manager that syncs with all of these calendars. When a booking comes in on let’s say Expedia, then the Lodgify channel manager will be notified. Now the Lodgify central control will update the other calendars on all other vacation rental websites.

What Problems Does The Channel Manager Solve Exactly?

If a booking is made for a property on Airbnb, then someone would need to log onto HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey, Expedia, Booking.com, and all the other websites the property is listed on. The property manager would have to log on to each of these individually. The reason for this is so that he or she can then block off the booked dates from the Airbnb booking on all the other vacation rental website calendars. This is simply to avoid double bookings.

Secondly, if there is a cancellation, the property manager will want to have that place made available again on all websites in order to get a booking. Therefore, he or she would need to log on to each individual site and reset the calendar.

Already the amount of time taken to do all of this, and when you imagine how many bookings a property manager needs to deal with, you can see how much time this takes. Someone is being paid to do this and the manhours mount up to thousands of dollars a month for even a property management company managing just a small number of vacation rentals.

Another issue is that the office needs to be open for the employees to be available to make sure all calendars are updated because the vacation industry is a 24/7 global industry.

The channel manager is fully automated, so all calendars are synced without any human intervention. No need to log on to multiple websites because everything is being done using intelligent Lodgify software.

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