Qualcomm, Apple kick off second trial seeking iPhone import ban


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During the A Second trial between Apple Inc. and Kwulmokk Inc. on Monday, Washington, DC, started on Monday Monday against Apple’s world’s largest mobile chip owner, whether Apple had a lot of US Importing from existing iPhone models should be prohibited.

Apple and Qualulum have been widely locked in legal dispute, in which Apple has accused the lawyer about illegal patent licensing methods. Kulmukk, the world’s largest mobile phone chooser, has accused of abusing Apple Patent in return.

The other is the second second case of the tower case, which is pursuing IPL in the ITC, in which they are demanding business judges to ban the import of specific phone models that intel carp modem chips. Contains which the phone helps to connect to a wireless data network.

Import restrictions are extraordinary, and Apple will have the potential to change the design of its devices so that the courts avoid any patent infringement. But Apple Modem chips have come to trust Intel, coal work officers are telling investors in July that these chips are not in new iPhone models.

In the closing trial in June, an American staff Attorney has recommended that the judge has violated Apple’s at least one Qualcomm battery-saving patent, and some Intel-chip sender phones should stop the US market from coming. . But attorneys said that the nominal 5G model, the next generation of wireless networks, should be allowed to compete in the market 5G chips.
The ITC staff acts as a third party in such business matters. Staff counselors are not bound, but judges often follow them. This case is expected to decide this month.

The Monday’s trial was worried about three patents. Two of these related to Intel’s modem chips are related to handling radio signals, and how Apple’s processor chips sleep on this iPhone.There is a great step in preventing the iPhone, there will be several factors to appeal to Apple’s decision, including US President Donald Trap. In 2013, then President Barack Obama banned some Apple iPads and iPhones, which was born with the controversy of the Samsung Electronics Company Limited.

The result of the results of the ITC cases is to ensure that its patent looks under the trial of the court. Apple applies many patents into civil law in civil law that long-term executes, and the initial indication of the ICT issue is how to cope with these civil laws.

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