Questions to Ask Your Potential Cloud Service Provider

Apparently everyone is talking about the cloud solution, from small businesses to big institutions. It is not difficult to see why – the deployment of site deployment is very fast, the potentially low cost of ownership, and the maintenance and management of the administration, are the names of the three, but three.

For IT companies and organized service providers (msp) solutions to their customers, clouds are equal to chance. Of course, instead of having the necessary time and effort to promote your cloud solution from rabbits, instead of small IT IT solutions, partners with the service of their customers, with cloud service promotion Instead of providing up to RM from backups.

But one of the benefits of cloud services – faster deployment – pink tin glasses can lead to some IT companies to see partners with cloud sales. If things are wrong with the cloud service, the first complaints will not come to the cloud – they will come into IT solutions providers. For this reason alone, it is an important step for IT solution providers, and asks potential cloud partners to “What happens if things get worse and is it really the best solution for your business?”

Here are a few questions that you should ask your potential cloud solution provider:

Does the cloud meet our current business needs?

True, for many enterprises, the way to the cloud is to go. The world’s leading information technology research and consulting company, Gartner, has said that by 2020, a corporate “no cloud” policy will be rare as today’s “New Internet” policy. It is a nature that seems to be that everything is already using cloud, and those companies who have left the physical infrastructure will be left in the dust. But this can not always be a case. Cloud League does not make sense in every scene.

Security and Availability

For one, there may be a complex impact on the cloud-mounting system’s security measures and / or unique regulatory satisfaction. In some cases, i.e., HIPAA, national security, etc. etc., protection of most information is important and direct control of the site system is important.

Learn about that they deal with security issues, install patches, and update updates. Does this meet your company’s expected level of security or service? Ask where they’re hosted and if it’s a joint or a dedicated environment, and find out how many servers are and if these servers are set in the cluster. It is also important to find out if the infrastructure is displayed and 100 percent is unique. When you’re on it, investigate the recovery process of their destruction and determine whether they work outside Tire 1 or Tire 4 data center.


This is a deal breaker. Make sure their solution meets your current IT environment and other solutions. What’s their track record and game plan, when you come to sync with others, you’ve already been installed. If half-way on the road shows that it is not integrated, what is their accountability plan and how are the bailants willing to offer?

Summitters and Reports:

Find out how to sell your time-consuming up-to-date customers and how to be notified about customers, such as hosting infrastructure (hosting, server reliability, service delivery, etc.). Ask about the process for handling the main expenses: Do they have a SWOT team, they usually interact with the client (phone, email, RSS feed, Twitter, SMS), and With this speed and speed. Determine when the problem occurs, when they actively or actively react.

Applications are compatible with the cloud of your business operations?

Some applications can not run in the cloud, as the performance of Internet bandwidth issues can be deteriorated. If your internet bandwidth limit will provide a bad user experience, it is not enough for a hosted hosted application server.

Another idea to keep in mind is the portable portable application. Although this application on the cloud is often easier to move the server, although the application may have external dependencies that complicate the move.

Finally, older applications running on the Legacy operating system can not cloud cloud functionality. Before you start transferring to virtual virtual infrastructure, your MPS partner is required to check the cloud compatibility of each application, as it should examine tough laboratory tests to indicate the progressive movements.

Estimate vendor sales process

Do you have time to understand your company’s needs or does she sell for sale only? If the membership takes time to evaluate your business needs, then it is possible that the same attitude should end the entire company. The study of the industry shows that many applications sold out of the box failed