RO Water Purifier: Problems and the solutions to them


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We should thanks to the technology, that we have the facility like RO Water Purifier, for purifying water. But just buying a water purifier and getting it installed is not what we all should know. There are certain other facts also related to RO Water Purifier, which we should be aware of. Just like any other machine your RO Water Purifier can also have some problems. To get the solution to these problems is only possible when we will know the reason behind the problem. So, let’s know about the RO Water Purifier Problems and the solution to it.

Water tasting bad

Out of the many problems, this is one common problem which the people using RO Purifier faces. Many times, you will feel that the taste of the water is bad or is not like how RO Water taste should be. But we have a solution for that as well. You can either change the filter, as the smell might be coming because of the filter not working properly or filter getting clogged with impurities. Another solution is to replace water from the storage tan

Noisy Drain or Faucet

When the air starts going out, the noise occurs in the faucet or the drain. There are many RO Purifiers where the air-gap faucets are used. In such situation, the noise will come as its common. But in this case, there is no such solution. There are certain cases when the noise is too much. So, you can get the RO repair if possible. Try to keep the tube straight, as it can help in reducing the noise. If the problem occurs again, do check if there is any gap left.
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Water flowing continuously

Water flowing continuously from water purifier can be a problematic situation. But do not worry as we do have a solution to it. But first, let’s know why it happens. So, in case if the valve of the water purifier is broken or is not shut properly, then the water will start flowing continuously. Other than this water pressure can also be one of the reasons, so do check that too. While installing the water purifier, if the installation of any membrane goes wrong, then water will continuously flow. The solution to the first problem is to get the valve replaced. The solution to the second problem is to check the pressure and make sure it is not too much. And for the third one, you will need to do the installation again.

Vibration in Water Purifier

After the changing of filters, you may notice that vibration is occurring in the water purifier. The reason behind this is the different filters. However, these vibrations do not cause any damage. You will probably notice that the vibrations have gone after 3 to 4 days. If still, you face the problem in the water purifier, you can call on the customer service number. Call them for RO Repair service at your home to fix the problem.

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