Well, maybe not. In today’s tech world, what can not be guessed.

Fishing, credit card fraud, e-mail schemes, have become very good for all.

For example, I filed my note 5 in Amazon Sellers Accounts, within a few minutes I purchased the buyer until I read the answer:

Does this sound some Amazon write?

Quote: “We are notifying you that the order for your goods is complete and you have received a payment from us by the payment. An additional 50 shipping has been added. You proceed and send the item and return shipping shipping tracking number to verify the shipment to transfer your payment. ”

Obviously, these historians were not very good at it. But there are many.

A scanner makes you legally out of blue from a bank, telephone or internet service provider. You can be contacted by email, social media, phone call, or text message.

The scammer asks you to provide or confirm your personal details. For example, Smartter says the bank or organization is verifying customer records, which will cause customer data to be cleared due to technical error. Or, they can ask you to fill in a customer survey and submit a reward to participate.

Alternatively, the Scheamer may warn you in ‘Unauthorized or Complaint Activity on your Account’. You can be asked that a major purchase has been made in a foreign country and asked if you have allowed payment. If you answer that you did not, to confirm your credit card or bank details, it shows that ‘bank’ can be investigated. In some cases, the scanner may have a credit card number and wants to confirm your identity, referring to the 3 or 4 digit security code printed on the card.

Fishing is designed to realistic fishing messages, and often represents the format copyright used by the organization, including their branding and logo. They will take you to a fake website that looks like a real agreement, but a bit different. For example, if the valid site is realbank.com.au, the scanner can use an address such as reallbank.com.

You can sit in the cafe or deli or coffee shop, when you are sitting there, it can be hacked, called “insap”, which is very easy in the internal attacks in the WiFi Penpal man. Looks around See if someone is using it.

Forming – Scheme redirects you to a fake version of a valid website that is trying to visit you. It affects your computer with malware, which is redirected to a fake site, even if you type the actual address or click on your Bookmark link.

Warning signs

You ask an email, text or phone call from which you regularly claim to deal with the bank, telecommunication provider or other business, asking you to update or confirm your details.

You do not know email or text message by your name, and typing errors and grammatical errors may be included.

The web site address does not look like the address you usually use and is requesting details that legal sites do not usually demand.

You see new icons on your computer screen, or your computer is generally not such fast.

Protect yourself

Click on any links or open attachments that do not claim to claim your bank or a trusted organization and ask you to update or confirm your details – just delete.

To check out any references of the Scheme, search the Internet using email or message names or the right words. Many such trains can be identified.

Look for a safe sign. Saved websites can be identified at the beginning of your address address using ‘https:’ or closed or untrue key icon on the bottom right corner of your browser window. Legitimate information that has asked you to submit confidential information is usually encrypted to protect your details.

Never provide details about your personal, credit card or online account if you claim a claim from your bank or any other organization. Instead, ask their name and contact number and check a permanent with the organization in question before calling it back.

Look for anything on your credit card warning that he checks your credit card, if it works, all the minutes are found in hell.

Go to your bank (on line) and set your alerts, I set my own on $ 1, whatever I instantly warn my credit card.

Subscribe to identity programs.

Change your password every 90 days.

Use a credit card, this is the bank’s amount

Debt cards are your money, if scanned, it can be taken back to the monthly amount.

If you use a debit card, always use it as a credit, you