Rowdy Robots: How to Keep Our Creations in Check

Although there are many facets of the simultaneously, the most important effect is: Our technology will meet it and since then it will be better than the improvement and delivery of human factors.”
– Ray Cruise, is nearby: when humans move organisms

“Within thirty years, we will have technical resources to make neutral intelligence. Soon, the human era will end.”

Mr Wing and Mr Karzai’s two main reasons for the continuation of technical succession, the concept of artificial intelligence and technological development, in the near future, in a view where a person can be more smart, humanity and around us The change in the world is so early that ordinary, unbelievable humans will live with it now.

It appears that more than the scientific community members agree that all the rules responsible for EC and robot technology are required. However, what principles are they, exactly, in the air. Due to this fact, the fact is that this tax is still in its early condition and its bits, which have been issued to public for public consumption, have remained relatively innocent. Sri and Romuma also failed the threats to humanity.

However, we are known for the fear of unknown amounts of humans. And we do not understand what we think. Right now, we are in control of machine evolution evolution. If we reach the singer, and our creatures cross us, maybe we will have a matter of hours, minutes or even seconds before it is too close to us.

One reason is that a large part of our science fiction rotates around robots and ei, who knows itself and tries to take over the world or eliminate humanity. We know this is a possibility. Humanity comes from novel ways to jeopardize themselves. Also, we understand.

Try this scene and to avoid it, we have two options:

Leave and / or off all tasks in the event. As with any effort on global control of nuclear weapons or ethnically valuable medical research, it is a non-starter. Some players will agree, but many will not. Humans are very immersed to improve anger and to benefit others.

It is to stop that we all are trying to do so and make sure that every potential potential meets the risks and makes a framework within which their creatures are required to work. The incoming AI-controlled robot makes its best to prevent us from harming us.

Fortunately, we are thinking about it as long as we are working towards the engagement.

3 rules

Isaac Asimov, the leading Skyfiel author, and the future promotion, a short story of 1942, set up the “three-way robotics” rules in its “run round” trademark. Later he further added the “zero” law that he felt the need to come in front of others. They are:

Law 0: A robot can not harm humanity, or by effect, allows harm to humanity.

First Law: A robot can not possibly harm humans, or by means of integration, allows harm to humans.

The second law: A robot should apply the rules given by humans, but such orders will get conflicts with the first law.

Third Law: A robot wants to protect its existence, unless such protection is contradictory to the first or the other rules.

Asimov has added these rules to almost all the robots in his fictional deeds, and today he is considered more and more robotics and computer scientists.

Sometimes the idea of ​​real robots has become a real possibility in comparison to the current, scientific fiction product with humans in the society, the idea of ​​robotics has become a real sub-field in technology, and in all knowledge of machine Learning with the added law, social and philosophy. As textile and chances were developed, many people have added their ideas into discussion.

As President of the EPC (Electronic Privacy Information Center), Mark Rottenbber believes that the list of Assoomo includes two more rules:

Fourth Law: Robots always ask when they ask their children as always robots and their nature.


6 Rules

The current CEO of Microsoft, City Nadia, developed a list of six rules, which believes that SA scientists and researchers should follow:

– Man is present to help humanity.

AI’s internal work should be transparent for humanity.

– AAI needs to improve things without harming any different people of the people.

– An ANA should be designed to keep private and group information private.

– AAN must be accessible that man can prevent unnecessary damage.

– AN should not be prejudiced by a particular party.



5 issues

Along with Google, scientists have set up a group of five different “practical research issues” to consider robotics programmers:

Robots should not do anything to make things worse.

The robot should not be able to play “their ingredients,” or cheats.

– If there is no shortage of information to make a good decision, the robot should ask humans to help.

The program should not be prepared until the time they are safe and to be troubled for the robbery of the person in harmony with the process.

Robots should be properly recognized for space and conditions and find themselves.

5 Principles

Probably the most direct protection of human protection settings arts and human resources research and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council are both moving forward by the joint effort of Ukraine, which states:

Robots should not be fully designed or primarily to kill or harm humans.
Humans are not robots, responsible agents. Robots are ready to achieve human goals.
Robots should be designed in ways that ensure their safety and security.
Robot artists; Promoting emotional reactions or dependence should not be designed to exploit dangerous users. It should always be possible to tell a robot from the human.
It can be found who is legally responsible for robots.
It appears that most of these principles of our principles should be done at our own level to maintain our robots by killing ours. If we consider them to be “children” of humanity, we believe our work is cutting for us. Overall, most parents work good in raising the children who respect human life. But not a variable percentage of the population but bad eggs change. Sometimes due to bad parents, sometimes it is bad jeans, and the second time there is no clear reason.

If we are living in the singles, and our children are more than any of our capabilities to keep tabs on them, we can not trust any rules set for them. Their evolution will be beyond our control. We can quickly find ourselves in such a situation as we have kept Kamalal Gorilla or wall panda.

Because of this, it can be best to motivate them to be morally optimistic that we hope we will follow ourselves better and hope our children can make themselves police.