Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10+ Cases, Protective Film, Battery Specifications Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Launch launches, and the leaks are starting to increase. A new era of information brings a picture of the matter, a video where the protective film is compared to other phones, three three different types of battery capabilities, and the size of their screen. The smallest variety of battery capacity is also taken in another report outside South Korea, with more detail in this detail. This year Samsung Galaxy S10 Series is expected to start around 2019 MW for some time.

To begin with transparent matters, The Tipter Ice Universe has managed to achieve its hands in three hands. He put them all in one picture, shaped the difference, and tells that in a variety of games, 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.4 displays. Previous reports say that these varieties will be called Samsung Galaxy S10 Light, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Samsung Galaxy S10 +. Tips also note that the Galaxy S10 light will pack different versions 3,100mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy S10 6.1 inch different version will pack 3,500 MW battery, and the larger Samsung Galaxy S10 + different 4000 megabytes of battery pack Will do

Tips have also included another case image in a tweet and tells that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Light is based on the various types of Samsung Galaxy 855 Society or Exynos 9820 سوم. This means that most premium variables will play the same as well. Finally, Ice Universe also shared the video that claimed that “Galaxy S10 and S10 + Protective Film” Galaxy S8 ₹ 36,099, Glacier S9 + ₹ 61,900, Galaxy Note 9 ₹ 59, Find 990 and OP. Depending on the edges, which means that this Galaxy S10 should not be light, it is expected to be flat scripts.

The video shows that the film looks up to the Galaxy S8 device, which has an 5.8-inch screen. Ensure that the Samsung Galaxy S10 game is a force for the Infinity A’s display, it’s really playing a little bit badge, so it can be able to meet Galaxy S8 in the overall size, while activating the 6.1-inch display screen doing. Interestingly, the movie obtained by the suggestions is not a hole in itself. This movie is also smaller than Galaxy S9 +, Note 9 and Search X- the most 6.2-inch display screen.

Separately, a user’s counting report says Samsung Galaxy S10 Light will pack a 3,100mAh battery. The report has allegedly shared a battery image of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series’s cheapest type. The claim seems more weighty that the Samsung Galaxy S10 light will see the small battery, while Galaxy S10 + 4000 mA will pack the battery.

In addition Samsung Galaxy S10 series Samsung Galaxy S10 series is also said that Samsung also plans to take out of XviD. This device is expected to be expensive, and a separate bolt variable is also expected to start for visas customers.

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