Samsung Swears to Deliver Foldable Phone By End of 2018

Samsung really wants to get you the option to buy a cell phone. It is not clear that if someone really cares about this goal – at least, not a festive screen is out of the inner and momentous cooling option – but the company has sworn that it will provide the product. Hell or high water will come.

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This is from the IFA message last week, where Samsung’s mobile division digital CEO Cccc said, “it’s time to deliver” on a festive screen device promise “. “Samsung is upset?” Koha said he was struggling to distinguish the product from a standard tablet.

You can use more than the use of the folder. But when you need to browse or see something, you might have to specify it. But even it is not clear what is the benefit of the tablet? If the script is experienced as a table, why do they buy (users)?

The self-awareness is painful to see the opening, just the short part of the mark just to fall. Kohha is at some point. I.e.: What is a practical use case for a folding phone that does not already cover large screen devices and / or tablets?

I’m getting serious. Folding screens get a wonderful sound because we are used in 70+ years non-festival screens. It is easy to visualize specific applications for display that the content is not mounted on the strict content and the traditional LCD, OLED, or E Ink panel. It is not clear whether these cases of use can make a special feeling for the phone.
First of all, any civilization screen requires a medical structure to strengthen the second half of the second display. It’s becoming more complicated to prepare. It’s going to thicken the following as diverse as a traditional phone, and when we are engaged in constant focus on thickness from manufacturers, opponents focus on other aspects of such device experience. Yes, the fact is that the appliances generally “quite thin” from the user does not mean that someone wants to carry on the current version of their current device.

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Samsung’s desire to create a device, which can be offered different features and benefits from a tablet, but the problem of building their features can be the point of view that the form factor is in your inner, especially modern Or interesting. Yes, it’s a great success to build a festival screen and put this screen in a smartphone. It’s not in conflict. But lost in conversation is a simple fact that every technique innovation does not have the advantage of the product in question. It is possible, for example, to build a high-end gaming PC inside the car. No one does this (and not, the automated auto driver hardware is not in the same thing) that is not a practical practice to build a high-end gaming PC in the car. Even modern high-speed vehicles do not require the equivalent of the core i7-8700K and GTX 1080 Ti with the help of advanced infotainment system, embedded LCDs, and integrated driver’s help to do what they do.

It is not clear that the folders on the phone are very different. “I need a smartphone with a big screen” problem has already been resolved. It is called a tablet. If a device was used in folders or non-mode modes, a festive screen might feel, but there is no practical way to offer this type of feature – you can not use a single pipe joint and the screen Will not be able to finish anymore. Allow for 360 degrees.

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This is not a mistake of Samsung, which has slowly and longer than the actual development in the way users experiment and the use of people’s devices. You can make a very real argument that we’ve seen that people just use computers, how to start with keyboard and monitor arrival, move to mice and GUIs, and finally touch screen I increase. All screen smartphones. Folding screens will be forty years, and technology will definitely have many applications, but we are basically foolish that they are going to do anything to revolution in the phone.

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