Samsung’s new Galaxy M smartphones will launch in India first

Samsung will launch its new low-cost Galaxy M series in India before going out of the globe. Samsung India’s smartphone business vice-president Asim Warsi told Reuters that three devices will be available by the end of January through its website and Amazon India and plans to help the company’s double-online sales.

Samsung is currently trying to restore Samsung in the world’s second largest smartphone market after the end of 2017, when data from both countries in Kenya, India Zia’s sales went out of Samsung for the first time. And counter point

The zodiac budget Reddy series has benefited from this advantage because Samsung had competed with competitors in the same price bracket, but analysts said that the Korean electronics wall had a edge in terms of R & D and supply chain skills. Maintained. Samsung last year participated in the powers that describe New York as the world’s largest mobile phone factory outside New Delhi.

Details about the three Glacier MM smartphones appear in the previous month, along with the details on the platform named M10, M20 and M30, with details showing on Benchmark Geekbench, which resulted in an Exynos 7885 chip 4GB can be powerful with RAM.

Warranty told Reuters that “The M series has not been around and entered around Indian users.” India’s first smartphone price will be Rs 10,000 more than Rs 10,000 (about $ 142). TechCrunch has emailed Samsung for more information on new phones.

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